Monday, December 1, 2014

"Sorry....he's requested a blonde...will you do it?"

Hey y'all!!

Lots of good things happened this week.

We were able to teach two good lessons to investigators- Maria and Sach san.
We taught Sach san about baptism, and had a great lesson where we started working out anything standing in between her and getting baptized. She has very strong faith, and with the help and experiences of the members, we hope she will make the decision to put her trust in God and allow Him to bless her!

   Our lesson with Maria was good- she not only read the Lesson 1 pamphlet; she STUDIED it and looked up every scripture in the back! She believes everything we teach; except that because she is such a stalwart Christian it is hard for her to accept that the Lord has given us anything more than the Bible. But she is an earnest seeker of truth; and we know that once she gains a testimony of the Book of Mormon, she will want to be baptized (she told us so, haha.)
     Here's the general run-down on the week-

  Wednesday- The Halloween party was so fun! Pictures!!

Ria chan and her dad

 I embarassingly and accidentally almost won musical chairs against all of the kids playing- awk. Once I realized that I was the only adult in (during the last round), I let the little guy take the chair, and awkwardly walked away... 

Guess you could say that I'm the bomb at musical chairs...

My friend Atsushi san came in in this ridiculous outfit and said, "What am ?" I got really excited. "A Ninja Turtle!" ....I still don't know WHAT he was; but apparently Ninja Turtle was not accurate. We had a Mystery Box, blindfolded donuts on a string (hilarious.), cookie decorating, games, and sweet pinatas that the elders made!Our Halloween party was also a huge success! We're still working on some students, but I was able to explain many principles of the gospel to one of the students.

 It was a good chance to bring the ward together with the Eikaiwa students. We wish more of the members would have come; though. What I realized since coming on my mission- going to activites is not necessarily about whether you want to go or not or whether you think it will be fun or not; it is about SUPPORTING those around you in their callings, fellowshipping the friends the missionaries bring, and showing your appreciation to committees that spent so much effort on activities! 

Halloween costumes for the missionaries!!
   Thursday-   We had a great time doing service pushing otoshiyori (grandmas and grandpas mostly) people in wheelchairs through a grocery store helping them do their shopping. One of the Helpers pushed a man up to me who was beaming. "He said he wanted a blonde to help him. Will you do it?" Goodness man, How did you know I'm a blonde in disguise?? It was fun service.

  Friday we had (another) Zone Training Meeting in Kouriyama and it was wonderful and spiritual. It was also the last time I'll see Kuch, Naga, and my trainer Jay Shimai before they get on a plane this week...and then it's my turn. Weird. Transfers happen every 6 weeks.

   We had a tender mercy on Saturday! We biked 5 or 6 km out to teach Maria. Somewhere along the way, the lock to Mc shimai's bike broke cleanly in half and fell to the road, unnoticed by her until we got to Maria's house. The problem was not just that the lock's key had broken off--the church key and our only apartment key had been attached and lost as well. We went in, taught the lesson, left, prayed to have help to find it on our 6 km trek home. And 2 kms away, by a sheer miracle- we found it- sitting, unharmed, on the sidewalk in plain view. We picked it up, smiled in relief, and went to our appointment with Yo sensei teacher. She's a Japanese teacher (to gaijin foreigners), and the elders were introducing her to us- thorough Okonomiyaki Japanese cabbage pancake - "as you like it", you can put anything and everything on it. It was so tasty! She's apparently pretty wealthy; and she ordered all-you-can-eat for all of us. Too nice. But she was a really nice lady who knows a surprising amount about the church.

    Sunday was amazing because there was a BAPTISM! 15-year-old Ria chan got to get baptized by her LA father! It was so spiritual, everyone was crying. She bore a sweet testimony. We all love her so much!

Ria chan in her new baptism dress, right after her baptism

The Word of the Week is Shikkousha! SO I thought this was hilarious when I first learned it. So Shikkousha means like, "Performer" or "do-er" of ordinances like baptism. BUT. Shikko sounds A LOT like Shiko (welcome to my life of Japanese learning.) And "shiko" means "urine" and "sha", means like "the person who does__" So when I first heard it, I feared they were talking about "the pee-er." Bahaha. Ohh, Japanese;)

Oh! ANNOUNCEMENT! I'm getting YAMA SHIMAI as my companion!! Yes!! Okay so actually funny story- Kaicho President thought I was going to go to Aizu for a medical check-up I needed because another missionary got treated there. But I talked to the doctor in Aizu on the phone, and he told me he thought I should try to go to the Iwaki hospital first. I didn't think to tell Kaicho; and we just went to the hospital and did what we needed to do. When I called that night to tell him how it went, he said,"Oh...this changes things. I just put in a transfer schedule sending you to Aizu to be closer to the hospital...I guess we'll be keeping you in Iwaki then." "yes, please do. And please give me a Nihonjin Japanese companion." "Ah, yes, you'll need them for the hospital trips." "My recommendation is Kah or Yama." "I'll see what I can do." HAHAHA Last transfer and I get what I want!! Booyah!! I love Mc shimai and we're SO EXCITED for her to go to my beloved stomping grounds of Odate! She'll do work!

Have a great week!!
  Love you!
Orgill Shimai

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