Monday, December 1, 2014

"I'M SAW HER!!!!"

Aizu! In the sunlight, you can see pretty clearly that my hair is blonde! But in the shade or indoors, no one knows!

I gave a talk in church this week on overcoming trials, or bearing our burdens. It translates a little weird, so that's what I'm going with. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to examine the Lord's hand in my own life, and how much I am qualifying for his grace, and how much I rely on Him. I approached this talk prayerfully, because I know that a lot of the members here in Iwaki have very heavy burdens. I gave the talk yesterday, citing one of my favorite conference talks "Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence" by Jorg Klemingat from this last conference. His advice #6 really struck me- and also the quote he cited from Glenn L. Pace- "often trials and tribulations are allowed to come into [your life] because of what [you] are doing right". Anyway, I gave the talk, and many members talked to me after, saying that the talk had been "for them".  Also, a member that just moved from Osaka, Izumi Kyoudai, advised me to work in some kind of job where I would be using my Japanese. I'll do my best!:)

   We got to go to Aizu for a split!! It was my LAST SPLIT EVER. With my best friend!! Ko and I taught a lessons to and L.A. and a wonderful family of investigators! It was a spiritually powerful time, and it made me thankful to be in Iwaki, because Aizu is COLD. But, at least there apartment is new....and has more than one sink in the whole apt....I love talking to Ko because she always helps me understand more about myself, because she knows me so well! I guess that's what 3 months together will do to you!

Aizu eki! (Aizu train station)

Instead of the Word of the Week, this time I thought I would throw in some Japanese and English Fails!

Japanese fail: Last night all 8 of us missionaries were invited to dinner by a family of former investigators that LOVE music. The husband was a professional flute player (I'm serious) and so now they have a lovely home. So, he was talking about the need to drink refined coffee (I hope I mentioned, PREVIOUS investigator), and he says, "hoka no ocha mo kouiufuuni nomemasu kedo, kuromamecha toka..." And 2 of the elders who have been out for about a year, go, "Wait, what? Kuromamecha?" Then our beloved bean new missionary who has way-too-fly Japanese pipes up. "Black bean tea." They give her this "how on Earth did you know that" look, and she shrugs innocently. Mame...bean. Cha...tea. Black bean tea." Their jaws fell open. I laughed. "You just got schooled in Japanese by the bean." But all things considered- her Japanese is inhumanly good for someone that has been in Japan for one month, hehe. She apparently studied Japanese at BYU for a two semesters before her mission.

Thanksgiving with the ladies!!! (no dinner table; but this time we got fancy and used the ironing board AND the suitcase)

English fail- So have I ever mentioned the super weird friendship between Cole shimai and Yama shimai? It's....hilarious. Cole shimai doesn't speak Japanese (yet...but she is WELL on her way.) and Yama shimai doesn't speak English. Sometimes I'll walk into the kitchen, and witness their "conversations" They are absolutely hilarious. I don't know why; but every time I see them talking, it reminds me of two tiny gorillas using sign language to communicate with each other. I don't know. I can just see it. So anyway, they have this weird relationship of trying to feed each other nasty foods, or just creep the other one out. So the other day, Yama shimai and I were about to leave the apt. while the other companionship finished up some studying. I walk out to the main room, and see Yama shimai creeping or watching on Collyer shimai from behind a door. I wait. The creeping continues. I wait some more. Continued creeping. "Let's go," I say. No answer. I put my arm around her and start walking to the door. "We've gotta go, yo." I say. She begins to protest. "I'm....saw...her! I'M SAW HER!!!!" We start laughing, as she realizes that this must make no sense. She changes her angle, and points at Cole shimai. "I'M WATCH YOU! I'M WATCH YOU!!"  We busted up, and I dragged my small friend away from her small minion. Yeah..our apartment is a good time;)

almareal. Because ALMA=REAL. What are the odds?

  We had a takoyaki party at church yesterday, which took a lot of prep, and a lot of cleanup! But our ECC English Conversation Class friends Atsu and Sae san came, hooray!!

Takoyaki with the peeps!

Love you!!!

Orgill Shimai

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