Monday, December 1, 2014

Apparently the Gift of Tongues isn't limited to Japanese...

 Hello hello! For some reason, this week kind of felt like the longest week EVER. With a round-trip to Sendai, two companions, and lots of appointments canceled on us, it feels like a million years ago that I last wrote to you and signed up for my BYU classes (she was allowed to sign up during her preparation day). Bah. With that being said....this week was long- but this letter will be fairly short. Yeah, it was THAT kind of long.
     I'll start off by saying- MY HEALTH IS IMPROVING. I got a blessing from my dear friend Schultz. He blessed me to be completely healed by the time I go home. Since I got the blessing the other day, my pain has receded and my energy increased. Blessings.

   The highlights of this week:
The Anders family came down from the Honbu and took Mc shimai and i out to lunch- it was good to see them.
   Mc shimai and I took the bus to Sendai...

...met all the sister missionaries that where about to go home (they're all home now!), and Yama shimai and i came back! Man, I make good suggestions;) She is SO FUNNY. All I wanted for my last transfer was a little, funny Japanese person who speaks in really difficult Japanese so I could learn- and that's EXACTLY what I got! AND she's amazing at cooking! We're gonna have a goood 6 weeks together:) Yama shimai is 6th transfer, 24 years old, and spent the last 5 years working in Osaka! She went to Culinary school for a year, and then moved to Osaka and just started working. She is the middle of 6 children, her big sister served a mission also. She stands at about 155cm and she is the cutest. Her hobbies include singing in English, singing in English in the shower, and singing pretend English to Orgill shimai during Companionship Study. Let's just say if I hear the half-English version of Army of Helaman again....I will have heard it 500 times. She's the best! 
Yama Shimai, the awesome missionary chef!

     We had a really cool lesson with Maria this week! And this is where the MIRACLE of the Week comes in. Maria is from Costa Rica. She loves speaking Spanish like Paula Dean likes butter. So we finally got a Skype joint- Pide shimai from Colombia who lives in Akita with her family! And let's just say, the MINUTE that Skype call started, BAM. All Spanish. Remember; I have never taken Spanish in my life- just grown up in California with a fair amount of Spanish speakers. But suddenly, I was translating their conversation from rapid Spanish to Japanese for my companion as fluidly as I would have had it been English. Like, what? It was a great joint, and she told us she promises she will read the Book of Mormon to see if she can come to believe as Pide shimai and we believe. We love her tons. And I'm sure if I tried to speak Spanish outside of those lessons, I would fail miserably. BUT. God lives and he helps us in our times of need. Of that I can testify.

    We had some other good lessons with members this week, just showing them we love them, that God loves them, and finding out their spiritually needs through the promptings of the Spirit. Some good progress going on.
    The Word of the Week this week is a good one. It is: GOKAI. It means (a) misunderstanding. I had a humbling experience this week! While intending to compliment a close friend of mine, I apparently said it oddly, and she took it badly, and it all just turned into one huge confusion of unwarranted offense. But once we talked about it (I didn't know at the time- she called me the next morning), she was half-convinced that I was seriously not intending anything bad; but rather it was a difference of language and a difference of culture. "But you're so good at Japanese, I didn't think you could mess up what you were saying and what you meant," she told me. Yeah, well, neither did I, but consider me humbled.

MC shimai and I bought matching jammies...before realizing that they're kids sized. #caprijammies

   We did some pretty insane biking to visit members down South towards the ocean this week, and it was a lovely ride! It's finally cold enough that all the giant poisonous spiders that hang over the sidewalks have died off...ohh happy day! The best thing about it getting colder? NO MORE BUGS. Yay!!!

  That's about it for this week! Have a great week- love you MUCHO (see there, there's my Spanish. you're welcome.)

Orgill Shimai

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