Sunday, October 19, 2014

"You have a very pretty face. But you don't actually look Japanese..." At long last, I have duped a Japanese person that I am indeed Japanese. YES.

This week was INDESCRIBABLY AMAZING. But I'll do my best to describe it to you!
Brief summary of the week:
Monday- We accidentally killed ourselves as a district by having a naan-eating contest at Indian Curry. Nothing says district bonding like shoving your face with greasy chunks of all-you-can-eat bread. So long story short, Gree choro ate 5.5 (we don't know how he didn't die), and I from sheer willpower managed 3.5. Holy snap I thought I was gonna die. We all suffered stomach pains the entire day. Yes; we are fools.
  Also Mc shimai and I got solicited to look at these craft hand-painted models...of WW2 ships and kamikaze planes. OH BOY YOU BET it was awkward. Well, at least we got to to dendo them (they had yelled us down off our bikes) and get a free donut! Good experience...?
Tuesday: BEST DAY EVER. In the morning, we had a wonderful lesson with a member. We were planning on teaching her a practice lesson, but we felt inspired to ask her if there was anything we as missionaries could help her with in regards to her faith, her scripture study, anything. She told us about recent struggles of faith she's had (she's semi-LA) and how she just couldn't get past them. We opened the scriptures together, and shared our own personal experiences and testimonies of the matter (which fortunately; on that topic Mc and I had a wealth of experiences). It turned out to be a wonderful lesson. We were able to address all of her concerns- simply by opening the scriptures and saying "Jesus did this and he commands us to do the same." She said she really was able to reflect on herself and what she had had a problem with, and repent. Then she said that she just felt the Spirit really strong, and began to cry. You have to understand; this is NOT the kind of woman you expect to cry. She's a tough lady. But it was wonderful, and now we're best friends with her!
   Then Naka and Butte shimai came from Aizu from splits. I was with Butte shimai. She's from my doki I think this means original group that went out into the mission at the same time, but I'd never gotten a chance to work with her! She's an INCREDIBLE missionary. We went housing, and were able to teach two first lessons in like an hour!! The second woman we taught was especially miraculous.
  She opened the door (in her PJs), and we introduced ourselves. She was Filipino, but she spoke to us in fluent Japanese. After we had briefly introduced ourselves, she said, "I have a friend that's Mormon." "Oh, really? Is it Julie?" "Yes." And then I got this crazy idea. "What's...your name?" "Eve," she replied.
     Wait, Eve? EVE? Like, The Eve that Julie shimai was about to introduce to us as a referral? Indeed, the same Eve. It was a miracle. We had just accidentally housed into the woman that was already being prepared by her friend (and the Lord) to hear our message. She invited us in, and we taught her. The we knelt on her mattress together and prayed. After the prayer, she smiled. "I have goosebumps," she said, lifting up her sleeve to show us. "This rarely happens to me. Let's meet on Thursday."
    It was THE BOMB.
Wed- We fasted as a district so that the other sisters' investigator, Rika chan, could get baptized. And we found this awesome pet store with my new best friend, a super sweet parrot and a baby GOAT! And, at long last, chickens. We got to dendo the store owners and it was a great time.
Thursday- Eve's second lesson with Mc shimai there! It went really well. She really wants to read the BoM, and we gave it to her in Tagalog. We also got to do some great work with LAs!
Friday- We taught Sach san the Law of Tithing, and she TOTALLY ACCEPTED IT. She understood perfectly how it is an act of faith and a way for Heavenly Father to bless us. We'll be talking about any of the obstacles in between her and baptism this comin week. Pray for us!
Then, at night we had FHE- and we did THE MOST INTENSE game of extreme spoons I've ever played. It was AWESOME! Then we played ninja, and Gree choro won (I'm telling you; the only people who can beat me at ninja are the gaijin foreign, ie white choro. That or they accidentally punch me in the face....White choro.)
Then after almost everyone had left, my good friend Ashi san from Eikaiwa came up to me and started talking to me about his family. He told me they'd been having a lot of problems, but he thinks that through him coming to our church from a few weeks back, it's helping him change to be a better husband and father. He's been trying to get his wife and daughter to come to activities with him, he said. He wants them to feel the warm feeling he gets when he's in the church and talking to everyone. He says the more he comes to the church, the more he WANTS to come. Okay okay you kinjin golden investigator, I GUESS you can get baptized. The elders are going to invite him to hear the lessons! Yay!
Saturday- A BOMB lesson with Mary!! We might have Mc shimai's mom joint with us (she's fluent in Spanish, and we CANNOT keep teaching this woman in Spapanese.) She agreed to take Moroni's promise!! Yayy! I'm so grateful we get to teach a woman with such a pure desire to serve god!
Sunday- Church. Holy smokes remind me to tell you about the music program here in Iwaki after my mission. It's my favorite thing EVER.
So that was the not-so-brief summary!!!
So now here is the Word of the Week! It is: damare kono yaro de gozaimasu! Actually, you should probably never, EVER say this. BUT. It's hilarious. "damare kono yaro" by itself means "Shut up you idiot", BUT. "de gozaimasu" makes phrases IMPOSSIBLY polite. AND SO. Ashi san, thinking I didn't know these words, told me that it is the politest, and highest form of praise, and that I should definitely say it to people older than me. Nice try, de gozaimasu.
The Funny Quote of the Week Is actually ALSO from Atsushi san. He was explaining his family problems to us, and then he turns to me suddenly. "Orgill shimai, when you get married, you absolutely MUST NOT WORK." I laugh. "No, I'm serious. Promise me." "Ummm why??"
  "Because you're powerful and you can do anything, so if you have a job then you'll have money so you'll have no need for a husband and you'll just leave him!" Sir, allow me to tell you someting I believe in called ETERNAL families. I'm going in for the long run, job or no job haha.
And that was this week!! I'd send pictures, but the computers we have to use this week are a leeeetle janky, so raincheck (you'll see why this is punny NEXT week).
Love you!!
Orgill shimai

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