Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Sorry, I'm Christian." *click* .....what?

So THIS WEEK was hilarious. Man I love the Iwaki branch. These members are a hoot and a half!  

First off, we had some really cool lessons. Our investigator Sachi san accepted to live the Law of Chastity (I hadn't taught THAT one since like February!) and she is progressing so well! Our joint lesson Ito shimai was wonderful. After we teach her the Law of Tithing, we're planning on inviting her again to baptism! (before she said yes, but that she just wanted to learn more first) She has wonderful faith, believes the Book of Mormon is true, and has a great relationship with God! Now we have to just mount the obstacle of her inability to come to church because of work and we'll be fine!

    We also taught an L.A. less active member, Ma shimai- and the miracle of the lesson was that although she frequently denies it, my companon and I could both see the flickering flame of a testimony long-forgotten in her! We're praying that the Spirit will continue to touch her heart and that she will be brought to a remembrance of the truths she has forgotten! I LOVE working with L.A.s. I think it's probably because in one way or another, I can relate to them with times in my life where I was burdened with doubts, feeling distanced from God and an irrevocable feeling of guilt. I love testifying to them that there are times when all of us have had weaker faith; but that the Lord WILL listen to us and answer our prayers!

The district!!

Here are the quotable quotes this week:
A member mentions to another member that i have a beautiful singing voice. This colorful man has a passion for music, and says, "Ahhh, I could see that! She is shaped like a beautiful instrument!" The other member and I look at each other, slightly confused. "What instrument?" I probed. "If it's not a flute; we might have some problems," I warned. "No no no. You're shaped like..a violin!" And starts making crazy gestures with his hands, trying to explain his viewpoint to the other member. Umm. I'm just gonna walk away now...

  We went to Kouriyama for Zone Training meeting this week, and got to see their BEAUTIFUL church (the radiation is too bad there so missionaries aren't allowed to go). A few days later the president of the Kouriyama branch came to Iwaki for a funeral of one of the members. He came up to me and said, "My prophecy was fulfilled!" "What?" I asked. "Do you remember at the Whiting choro 3 Zone Conferences ago where you translated the English into Japanese for me and I asked you to transfer to Kouriyama?" "Ah yes, I do remember that!" "Well, from that time on I prayed to the Lord that Orgill shimai would come to Kouriyama- and look!! You came yesterday!! My prayers were answered!!" Haha I love that faithful branch president! It really would be great if we could get missionaries into Kouriyama- but it seems a little to late for me;) (if you want to know how many days I have left, I'm sure my father can tell you--down to the minute...) Natalie comes home December 18th, the day after her 21st birthday!

The funny moment was basically just an amusing realization that Japanese people are HORRIBLY gullible. Like seriously. As we were shaking hands with the Aizu elders at ZTM, Mc shimai says to Ina choro, "Orgill shimai's half, you know." And he goes, "What?! No way! You're half??" and then the bean newbie Suz choro overhears "Woah, you're half?! Awesome!! Is THAT why you can speak Japanese??" We also convinced them that Butler shimai is 38...

   I also accidentally confused a new investigator on the phone the other day. After talking to her for about five minutes, she goes, "Wait...O-giru (this is how you pronounce "Orgill" in Japanese). That's a rare name. Where are you from?" "America." "But...but you're Japanese." "No I'm not.." PHAIL.

A brief summary of the adventures of Mc and Orgill shimai this week-
Surprise birthday party for Mako- who's basically the missionaries' go-to guy. Amazzing member who just celebrated his 25th with a chocolate pudding cake and ice cream:)

We climbed a nearby mountain (it sounds more bad-booty than it was- but the view was GORGEOUS) with the Relief Society, then ate lunch after and they asked me to sing for them on the spot. I sang Ave Maria, Amazing Grace, and a hymn of two. It was fun! Moon shimai is a wonderful accompanist, so they're trying to get us to perform in church sometime. Sounds like it's gonna be Tagajo round two! Ma, iinjanai. But not the same.

On top of the world!!

We passed out Eikaiwa English flyers at the train station and met some nice people! It's a good place to do it becauseeven at night it's well lit so we don't look like creepers! Yay!

And then some lessons and lots of dendo in between! Ah, which reminds me of one more quote this week:
*knock knock knock* "Yes?" "Hi, we're missionaries sharing a message about God and how He loves you-"
"Oh sorry, I'm Christian." *click*
"Ummm... what?"

And that's it! Enjoy the pictures! Love you tons!
Orgill Shimai

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