Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Orgill shimai, sing for us!!" "But...we're in a car..."

Busy, BUSY week. We were in Kouriyama for THREE DAYS of the seven! I'll give you the brief rundown:

Picking up trash at the beach - Mormon Helping Hands t-shirt in her hands
Tues- Went up to the beach in Yotsukura and picked up trash and talked to everyone we saw! A car wasn't looking as they tried to make a speedy right turn, and almost hit me as I walked through the crosswalk. My companion jumped as if she had been electrocuted, but I just stood there, looking at the car, waiting for her to notice and pull the emergency brake so she wouldn't hit me. It was so weird. I didn't scream, I didn't jump, and internally I was less than mildly alarmed, even though I was very nearly hit. My companion was shocked at my reaction (the woman did finally notice me and panickedly pulled her emergency brake and stopped feet from me). I don't know why I wasn't scared-maybe I'm not as concerned about dying now that I feel pretty comfortable with where I'll go if I do die and how comfortable I'll be around Heavenly Father.... that or I'm just really weird.
   We ran into a man that Mc shimai had met before who seemed grateful to talk to us and will probably come to the Halloween party this week! I also had a great conversation with the man taking tickets at the train station. It was a good day for finding.
  We also did chirashi kubari as a district and I got creeped on by a bunch of teenage boys. I seriously wanted to turn around and yell at them, "SIR PLEASE. Do you think even though I just talked to you for TEN MINUTES in unhalting Japanese that the SECOND I turn around I stop understanding what you're saying and you can start talking about me?? NO." Blech. 
   We had a mogi (joint lesson) with a member- Sass shimai, and then participated as she taught seminary to the 3 boys- one who is not yet a member and has a baptism date for December! His name is Tom kun, and he reminds me of Wee man (my brother) and he's my favorite.
No table? No problem... Ironing board lunch table it is!

Wednesday- we started up the free family English Program- 30 minutes of English, 30 minutes of gospel. A lady called us last week and said she had found out about our program online! We asked where she lived- she said D'Restia (hilarious- I know. I'll take a gangster picture by it sometime.) But more wonderful than the funny name is that that is the apt complex between our apt. and the church! Seriously she couldn't be any closer!! She's going to Italy in a few days, so she wants to amp up her English..? You tell me. But she also brings her friend Akado san, who brings her son Gaku kun! So we're actually being blessed to share our beliefs with 3 new people! So far, so good.
  We also visited our favorite L.A. Mi shimai, and she was too busy to talk for too long, but she said she had read the "His Grace is Sufficient" talk we had given to her! Hooray for L.A.s that keep their commitments!

Friday we went to Kouriyama for interviews. Kaicho and I talked about many important things- what to do with Iwaki (my area), what I should prepare for my final interview in a few weeks, the works. Good stuff, good stuff. He's a good kaicho. He calls me "Alma shimai".
We randomly found this sign outside of our door, hung up next to the window we've never touched....#ourlandlordhatesus #we'renotevenallAmerican
  Then we took the bus home, and I struck up a conversation with the man next to me who was totally not interested in talking and then proceeded to half-fall asleep on me. Well played, man on bus, well played. 
   Even though we were exhausted from our long day, we changed and biked to the gym where we had rented out the basketball courts to play with our Eikaiwa (English) students! Atsa san came (Holy SNAP that 40-yr-old man is athletic) and he brought his daughter, Ri chan! Yay! We played volleyball, and I shocked everyone with my serving skills haha. Secret talents, secret talents. We went out to dinner and in was nice to get to talk to everyone who came. I'm sure lots of good things will come from our new friends- many have already expressed interest in hearing our message.
 Saturday we had our first day of District Conference in- you guessed it- Kouriyama. Wow that car ride is lengthy. Because I'm not accustomed to being in cars (always mtn bike, train, or walking), I get kind of car sick now. But nothing too terrible.
There were some great talks and the Spirit was so strong. Pres. Smith called on Inamori choro to come up and bear his testimony- and he gave a wonderful testimony on the power of obedience and the blessings it brings. He shared a scripture I LOVE. D&C 58: 28-30. Check it out. I agree with Inamori choro- The Lord blesses us abundantly as long as we are obedient. He is a God of miracles and a keeper of promises. How comforting it is to know that there is an invariable, omnipotent, and loving Heavenly Father interested in our absolute well-being.
Speaking of well-being, Natalie is in her happy place with this new baby goat friend!

Sunday we went back to Kouriyama. A wonderful member Kilo shimai drove us. Her and Isha sat in the front, with the sister missionaries and their investigator (who's getting baptized this weekend!) Rima chan. Randomly, Isha shimai calls from the front, "Orgill shimai, sing for us!!" "But...we're in a car..." I responded. Well, long story short I became the human  iPod for about an hour of the ride. Another great meeting ensued. I was the translator for Sister Smith, the President's wife. It was a great conference!

 The Word of the Week is MASUI. It means Anesthesia! So I kind of despise using my dictionary at times, so I just get creative in explaining what I mean! When talking with Iwa shimai about Lasik eye surgery, she said, "but they knock you out, right??" "No," I responded. "You're awake, but they inject a medicine that...paralyzes the nerve so that you can't feel it." "Ahhhhh, masui," she said. Well there you have it. Masui.

Seriously NONE of our investigators could meet this last week, but that means good this for this week! UPCOMING are: the Halloween party and more dramatically TRANSFER CALLS. Also, a day trip to visit the doctor in Aizuwakamatsu this week. I'll let you know how everything goes next week!
Beautiful vista!!

Love you millions!! Have a great week!!

Orgill shimai

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