Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Dear Padre e celestial.​...oh wait." Learning Spanish in Japan? Ohh consider it done.

HEY! After a 4 hour bus ride, I got to Iwaki and Mc shimai and I are going crazy!

       Mc shimai and I had a really good first week. We were able to teach a first lesson to a woman named Maya from Costa Rica! We teach her in an odd mix of Spanish and Japanese. Mc shimai and I are learning from Mo shimai how to testify in Spanish- her native tongue touches her heart in a way that Japanese does not. SPEAKING of which, my dear friend Sister Folk is serving in Malaga Spain and speaks fantastic Spanish. Maya  has a large computer in the room we meet with her in that she uses to Skype her family in Costa Rica. We would love to have a Skype joint lesson with missionaries from any Spanish-speaking country-and if possible, we would love to see if my friend could do it. How do we go about doing this, and is there a policy or a certain set of missionaries we should Skype with? Please let us know. We're so excited to teach this Hermana! Her knowledge of the Bible and her faith are wonderful! We have another lesson scheduled next week.

Some of the sisters right before transfers
   We had a great L.A. visit with a woman Miso shimai, who has been a member for a long time. After asking some questions and being friendly, she really started opening up to us! She has very strong faith; but she is a perfectionist and she is STUBBORN, so she refuses to accept Christ's Atonement fully by forgiving herself. I didn't know what to study for her that morning, but I haphazardly chose Mosiah 7:33, which answered her questions so perfectly! I'm so grateful that although we can do nothing of our own power; the Lord will guide us and strengthen us as we live worthy of the promptings of the Spirit and try our best. She said we could come back, and that she would re-read that passage again when she was alone. I already love Iwaki!

    Word of the Week! Jibaku suru! So I'm gonna break this down. "Ji" means like "self", or "one's own", and "baku" means "explode.explosion" "Jibaku suru" Translates to blowing up your own ship- doing something that just ends negatively for you! It's good for when people are saying something that will totally bite them in the butt (yep, that's about how it translates), you can say that they are jibaku-shiteiru!

     I love Iwaki so far, it's a magical area! MINUS the spiders. HOLY SNAP THEY'RE SO BIG. And that leads me to my embarassing moment of the week!

     We biked over an hour away to visit the only full family (like with kids) in our branch, to give Hana chan a birthday cake and talk to the L.A. daughter. The ride there was hilly. But no problem, right? I just transferred from the hills of Sendai, I'm chillin'! BUT. There are giant spiders hanging from the palm trees on either side of you nearly the entire way there! But I kept my cool, kept my eyes on the road, and kept FAR AWAY from the sides of the sidewalk. We got to their house and had a nice visit, then we walked out to get on our bikes which we had parked on the SIDE of the road (notice: first mistake.) The family walks out to wave us off. I walk over to my bike (my MOUNTAIN BIKE, by the way; because the senior couple the Anders like me best so they sent my bike with me!!!! Hallelujah!!) And so I bend down to tie my skirt. Then I notice something on my shoe. It's a whole lot of spiderweb. Oh no. The web continues from my shoe...to my foot...up my leg.....and on my skirt. "I'm doomed," I think. "There is absolutely NO WAY I managed to get SO MUCH web on me, and no spider."

     Just then the mom says, "ummm, that's a bug. Igi, get it!" Well crap. Woman, that ain't no bug. That is a POISONOUS GIANT SPIDER CRAWLING UP MY BACK. Her husband walked forward and smacked it off my back....and it bailed itself onto my hip, where I first saw the evil creature's true size. It wasn't as bad as i had imagined; it was worse. I yelped (in a very dignified way) and the husband smacked it again to the ground. NOT FUN. You win this round, enormous sneaky spider. I'm traumatized forever.

A view from Sister Orgill's perspective
I hope you have a WONDERFUL, spider, typhoon, and radiation-free week. The secret is to drink bottled water and stay far away from the mushrooms and fish;)

Orgill shimai

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