Monday, September 1, 2014

Wonderful Week!!

A great week! O shimai and I are being so blessed for our efforts a being perfectly obedient and diligent! We were able to teach a man, Ok san last week, two times about prayer, God, and the Book of Mormon! The best part? We had a lesson this morning, and his wife joined us (so we could actually go in his house!) and now she's an investigator too as of this morning! They are such a great couple who really value their family, especially their grandchildren:) We love them already! They ask great questions and we look forward to finding out what it is that they are seeking for! Yay! 
Our friends at Family Home Evening!
   Osa san came to church this week, and stayed the whole time and we were able to teach her a lesson! We were really able to witness the power of joint lessons with her. Saki shimai jointed for us, and it was so great to have someone her own age who could explain things in a way that she respected and could relate to. 

    We were so excited to receive the challenge of teaching 20 lessons a week- whether it be to members, part-members, less-actives, or investigators! With faith, it is absolutely achievable! We started focusing on that goal on Thursday, and we still managed to get 10 lessons this week! We're so lucky to be in an area where the members are so fantastic and supportive! We hope that it will boost their dendo talking to people fire and strengthen their own testimonies. 

Fun Art Exhibit!!
Funny moment: Okay, not a moment. More like my whole week. So my companion is from Hawaii, right? And she is WAY GOOD at the hula. So do you know what I learned this week??! You bet I learned the hula- and I'm actually not bad! I'm teaching her the ukulele as shes teaching me the hula, before you know it these two white chick BYU students will be performing at the PCC Polynesian Cultural Center (in Hawaii) instead of washing the dishes in the back room! ;)

Word of the Week! Debatable that this is one of the most used words in Japanese. it is: Itai! Or when said in more severe forms, ITEEE!!! It means, "Ow!"  When we were eating steaming takoyaki a ball-shaped snack made with batter and chopped octopus, after church as a ward on Sunday, lots of "ITE!!!'s" could be heard all around. But DANG that takoyaki was good!
Takoyaki with fish flakes on the top
   As we prayerfully seek out the Lord's will in Tagajo, O shimai and I have felt really prompted to speak to the leaders in the ward about how the missionaries can help on what or who they are focusing on. We've been so blessed to have a clearer idea of what the lord desires of us as we coordinate with them and hear their inspired ideas. During a member visit this week, the family suggested that we try streeting just up the street from their shop because there's a Catholic college and lots of young people to talk to! As we left their shop, we decided to take their advice and head out that way. As we were biking up the street, a group of middle school girls called out, "hello!" We got off our bikes and started chatting with them! All five of them came to Eikaiwa English class that night, and they want to start coming to Open Space on Friday nights as well! The members ARE inspired!
Shimai playing with glow sticks
    We're looking forward to a busy week! We're going to focus on showing Mi chan, the recent convert, more love so that she always feels how she did when she was baptized!

OH! I never mentioned! I'm reading the Book of Mormon right now in Japanese, and i'll have it finished before the end of my mission! I'm in 3 Nephi 18!

You're always in my prayers!! Have a great week!
Orgill Shimai
Holding a sparkler! "Orgill shimai! You can't hold that!!" "Wait, what? Why?" "The White handbook says now fireworks!" Apparently sparklers are fireworks...oops!

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