Monday, September 22, 2014

Ohh that rain is a punk...

Hello hello helloooo!
   I got to split with Ko shimai this week, and she introduced me to this lovely woman who we think will become an investigator soon! Yay! It was cool to be with my old companion in an area that we both know so well! She's become such an amazing missionary, I'm proud of her.

   Clark shimai's 21st birthday was yesterday, and with a stroke of excellent luck, the Anderson couple had just gotten back from Tokyo temple (and Costco!!!!!) and they brught us back muffins, bagels, tortillas, cheese, horchata, oats, and it was seriously the BEST!! We made burritos, no-bake cookies, and sundaes last night, and had a party!! And we celebrated her birthday by taking the pads out of our helmets and donning moustaches all of last night. And who said sister's apartmnts are boring. OH and also I have a confession! Schmidt shimai have this wonderful habit of making sure everyone is actually exercising by 6:31. As Kawa (and now Clay shimai) have learned, if you don't manage the 6:31 curfew, Schmidt shimai and I run over to your futon, grab each end, and roll you into a sleepy (Sister missionary) Shimai Taco. BOOM. Baha I'm gonna miss causing mischief with Schmidt shimai so much when she goes home in two weeks. We have SUCH a fun apartment right now, it's a party every day!

The damage... yowch
  I guess I should probably mention this- but t's just really embarassing. It was raining really hard, and we were late for an appt at the church, so we were hauling through the hills of Shiogama to get back to the church. I tried to turn onto one of the giant (evil) curbs, and with the combination of the slippery rain and the  high sidewalk, instead of getting ONTO the curb, my bike just slipped out from under me, and then just fell ON me. I have a pretty nasty-looking scratch on my leg, but it doesn't hurt! My companion screamed behnd me, but I was just annoyed that I had fallen and knew we had to get to the church, so i just hopped back on my bike and continued riding to the church in silence. Yep, SLIGHTLY damaged pride from tha one. But I'm okay! 

Bike injury selfie...

   So this week was one of the most spiritual weeks on my whole mission! We head probably the best training we have ever received from the Area 70, Elder Scott D. Whiting. And I did end up getting selected for an interview for hime, and if his training hadn't answered every single one of my prayers well enough; our interview did. He and I got to be great friends. He hopes to meet me someday again, and asked me to remind him of this day whenever we do meet again. It was so amazing.  A lot of the things I heard were very personal revelation, so I won't type them out, but I will tell you what I learned this week. I learnd that God listens to us and answers our prayers; usually through the means of someone else. I learned that when we think or say we can't change from "the way we are", we are rejecting Christ and His Atonement. There was lots of other great stuff, but I left my notebook at the apartment, sorry! Suffice it to say that it was the BOMB. 

    Whiting Choro talked a lot about Peter from Christ's time, and when he mentioned how Peter saw Christ walking on the sea and jumps out to meet him, the Spirit touched my heart. I thought, "I want to be just like Peter when he first jumps out to walk on water to meet his master- no doubts, no fears, his eyes steadfast on the Savior." In modern days, I kind of think of Peter's experience like this: He sees Christ and he s so excited, and jumps out to meet him The he hears the rumbling of thunder and sees the tossing waves, and he thinks, "Crap! What am I doing?! This was so stupid! I can't walk on water! I'm not Jesus! I can't even swim!" And then he begins to sink into the waves, crying out. And then I realized that I was a lot like Peter.

   In January 2013, I felt the prompting to go on a mission. I read my Patriarchal blessing, I studied my scriptures, I prayed, I went to my bishop and stake president and was interviewed, and then launched myself into the waters of the mission, my eyes on Jesus. But after a long while, I heard the rumbling thunder of a thousand "Kekko's" and "Bukkyo's" and "iesu kirisuto to kankei nai," and I took my eyes off of the Savior, looking around at the waves tossing around me, rocking the boat that I had just launched myself from. And, taking my eyes off of Jesus, looking at the blackening sky, I began to sink into the water. And at last about two weeks ago, I cried out in my prayers a did Peter, "Lord!" Help me! Why am I sinking? I jumped out here just so I could be like you and get closer to you! Why, when I'm trying so hard to be like you, are you letting me fall?"

   And as I listened to Whiting Choro speak, the Spirit spoke to me. I saw Christ in my mind reaching down to me, and saying softly, "My child, why did you take your eyes off of me to focus on the storm?" 

 And it is so true, why do we sometimes get so caught up in the storms around us, and forget the Creator of everything, including the sky and the sea? What do I have to fear when my Lifeguard walks on water?  

Have a wonderful week! I'm praying for you, Grandpa!

Much love,

Orgill Shimai
Helmet moustache from the birthday party.. and my blonde is coming back slowly!

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