Monday, September 29, 2014

"I can ask God anything?" "Yes." "Kay..why did dinosaurs go extinct? And can he give me magic powers? And how did evolution happen?" ...the downsides of teaching a 12-year-old the gospel.

Great week! No time, but I'll give you a brief summary!
TRANSFERS! I'm going to Iwaki! Yaaay for going South! The ward was sad to see me go. The Japanese version of my father, Brother Kawa kyoudai, got really sad and said, "It's like I'm losing my own daughter." We were best buds! I LOVED getting to served in Tagajo! Friends forever!
The Japanese edition of my family!! 
We started teaching a 12 year old Mo chan and her mother 30 minute gospel lessons! She has great questions, but as referred to above, perhaps a little TOO good of questions. Good luck Sister Clint shimai!
We were led by the spirit to go visit a man who seemed to have little interest in the gospel, Ima san, and it turned out it was his ONLY day off for 2 months straight. He was about to tell us he was too busy and turn us down, but BAM the Spirit hit him and we had an AMAZING 1 hour lesson in his genkan entry hallway. It was one of the best moments of my mission. He has amazing desires and he is SO gonna get baptized! He's also incredibly sad that O shimai and I are transferring:( But The next companionship will do good work with him!
Finding puppies during dendo! Yay! 
We had an imonikai (soup) party at the church, and my favorite member On shimai's husband came! I called him and asked him by his first name if he would come..we're besties) And for the first time in the over 30 years she's been in the church, HE CAME TO AN ACTIVITY and had a great time!! All he needed was a cute shimai to call him up;)
We had some great dinner appointments with members because they're beginning to really trust the missionaries yay!
The word of the week is KYOURYUU- Dinosaur. Referenced before in the weirdest lesson of my life.
We also had Zone Taikai Meeting and I did all of the translation...from Japanese. Thank goodness for Ibuprofen.
Love you all have a wonderful week!!
I'll send more pictures and details next week, know how transfer week goes;)
The cuteness Fumi chan!! Offering me her pen :)
Love you!

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