Monday, September 8, 2014

Fish Spines!!

Hello helloooo!

This obaachan grandma is 90 years old!!

The Lord is blessing O shimai and I for our efforts! Our weekly lesson count is slowly climbing towards twenty, and we are being blessed with so many miracles and inspiration for the people we are teaching through those lessons!

We had a lesson scheduled with one of our favorite members, Ochi shimai. When we were planning her lesson, we felt inspired to teach about the gifts that we all have from God. As we started asking her about what she thought her gifts were, we realized why we have felt inspired to share this lesson- she has very little self-confidence that she has ANY talents. We testified of her worth as a beloved daughter of God, and told her about all the talents that she shares with everyone and makes them so happy! She seemed so relieved to hear that she had talents. We were so surprised that such a wonderful, established woman could have such little confidence in her own talents! But I guess the Lord knows what she needs much better than we do.
Purikura with Mi chan and friend

We had a lesson with the L.A. Furr shimai, where we talked about the importance of prayer and how God wants to hear from us individually, and she FINALLY said the closing prayer, and has agreed to pray in our nightly prayers on the phone as well! We were so excited for her progress.

O shimai and I both got a little sick this week, but with a little rest we're both feeling much better. Being a busy, effective missionary is the best feeling in the world and so we're working our hardest to get there!

We had Zone Training Meeting this week, and I GOT TO SEE (the companion that she trained) KO!!! AND! We're going on a split tomorrow in her beloved Tagajo!! I love that my green bean is an STL Sister Training Leader now!! Yay!! We have an area 70 coming this week, and Sendai south and Koriyama Zones will be coming here for the conference!! Soo excited! I'm scheduled for an interview with Elder Whiting choro, but we'll see! I actually secretly really enjoy interviews with seventies;) 
We mustache you a question...

A pretty mentally unstable woman stopped us on the street, saying she had met with the missionaries (she named all of their full names), but we were able to get away pretty quickly and ask Sister Ko about her on the phone (she had mentioned she knew "Seiko ko shimai san") and she confirmed that yes, the woman was schizophrenic. Ah, the experiences of the mission.

Disgusting food of the week: Not a funny experience this time. Not funny at all. So our dear friend Furr shimai whips out FRIED FISH SPINES. Like hundreds of them- and made us eat them. GROSSSSS. But it wasn't NEARLY as bad as towards the end of our visit when she tried to feed us fish guts (with the spine still attached, mind you.) and we said we had to leave (we really did, but suddenly that need became quite urgent). Ahhh Furr shimai. Once she tried to feed us a smoothie that consisted of a blended banana and tomato...and nothing else. Healthy?
Fish spines ;)
We taught Osai san this week and found out through asking inspired questions (that was alllll my companion) that she hasn't even been praying to Heavenly Father- she's stil been praying to her husband THIS WHOLE TIME. Fail. She doesn't want to learn, and she refuses to listen; and we had to drop her. Sad day.

But at least we picked up Brother Ok san's wife as an investigator as well this week! They are so fun to teach! The sister missionaries are singing in church next week, and I have a solo the next week (All Creatures of our God and King and I'm singing Abide With Me; Tis Eventide) so we hope we'll get them to church!

We're just staying busy and working hard on this side of the world! The Lord will give us miracles if we but have faith!

Have a wonderful week! Love you!

Enjoy beauty... with mustaches!

Sister Orgill

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