Monday, August 25, 2014

Well... this week was something!

   This week....was...AWESOME!! Being companions with O shimai is like the best thing that has ever happened to either of us. She's such a stud missionary, and she's just so ready to work hard!! We've been really really blessed this week! 

Indo curry :)
   So this week was HOT. I mean, REALLY HOT. With occasional insane rain. But I'll tell you about that later.

  We did some MATSURI DENDO this week! There was a matsuri at the army base here in Tagajo, so we went and talked to around a hundred or more people. It was so awesome! SO much dendo. O shimai and I are a little dendo fire crazy. The unfortunate thing was that although we found a few P.I.s, apparently a few were creepers and WE were THEIR P.I.s. SO I was chatting with this guy from Bangladesh who was making food at one of the booths and he told me about how he'd come to Japan about 4 years ago and nw has his own bsiness, etc. I asked, "So are you living with your famiy here?" And he replies, "Sure, you can have my number." I was giddy This man had just seen my nametag, and that was enough for him to be intrested in what we were talking about?? Awesome!! Oh wait...not awesome. We exchanged numbers and we walked away to go talk to other people. We got a missed call from a random number yesterday. And then the random number called again. "Hello?" I picked up. "Hey it's the Bangladesh guy from yesterday. I was glad to meet you yesterday." I looked at my companion. We knew that tone of voice- it was the creeper tone. "Ah, hello," I said. "So I want to meet you sometime. What do you like? Baseball games? Sushi? Exotic food?" I awkwardly expained that missionaries share a message about God, and that we don't date, but I was sure th elders would like to meet him. He was pretty put off. Sorry creeper Bangladesh man, I'm a dendoing missionary!

So let me just brag about my companion for a second. O shimai has SUPER FLY Japanese. So we can talk to each other in japanese and keep up our language skills! It's awesome! EVen though we're both white, we still read the white handbook every morning in Japanese! Hallelujah!
New companion O shimai!

    We volunteer every week in Shichigahama by the beach, and the director of the volunteer center, Take san asked us to come for like a "massage volunteer" thing. e thought we'd be like massaging the hands of people that were victims of the tsunami (like every other massage volunteer.). But when we walked into the center, OH BOY were we surprised when it would not be us giving the massages; but rather we were expected to RECEIVE the massages, from a group traveling fro Tokyo (and that consisted half of hippy-looking men). I looked at the 3 other sisters. Most of them looked like they'd just gotten slapped in the face or eaten an entire lemon. It was rich. I tentatively told Take san that we have a strict no-contact rle with members of the opposite sex, so the men just kind of sat on the side for the rest of the time....awkward. But it actually turned out to be wonderful dendo!! Ahh, dendo. Nothing like it;)

    Okay so can I just say that being in an apartment with 4 gaijin foreigners is SO FUN. Like SO fun. And on top of that, let's take a look at my apartmates:
Schmidt shimai- my best friend!
Clean shimai- my MTC companion!!
O shimai- my companion and homie!
You could say we have good fun.
We did a LOT of dendo outdoors this week, which is kind of difficult because of the heat. I'm drinking like 6 waterbottles a day to stay hydrated. Clean shimai got WAy burned at the Matsuri.

We had a ward Matsuri this week, and they hired a fire dancer (I don't know where they got the money either.) but it was way fun and I've got lots of videos to show you when I get back from my mission!
Very very sour plums that a member fed us!!

So the funny experience the week was not funny at the time- not at ALL. It's the kind of experience that you look back 10 years from now and say, "Ah, those were the days." But at the moment it was just ridiculous.

    SO the other day we went to visit Mu shimai, a less active. We wanted to give her brownies and invite her to the Ward Matsuri. We had been warned that her husband does not like the missionaries. When we walked u to the front gate, he was tending to his garden,his back to us. We called out to him, and he eventually walked over with a sour look on his face. "I told you missionaries to never come back. Leave." I apologized and told him we had never been informed to never visit again. "Can you just give these brownies and this flier to your wife when she gets h-" "No." "Oh." I started scrambling. "You have a lovely garden!" "Really?" He looked rather charmed. "Yes!" we emphasized. We then proceeded to compliment him on his trees, his dog, his young-looking skin, you name it! We were really starting to crack this crabby man's heart open!

    And then I heard it from behind me. a loud, steadily closer-growing sound that sounded like a mix between a rushing wind and an 18-wheeler carrying a load of gravel on the freeway. As the noise became deafening, I turned around-and it hit me-literally. A WAVE of water sent down from a cloud that had appeared out of NOWHERE. The water pelted down on us in drops so large it looked as if we were getting attacked by hail. He runs back to the safety of his veranda as we stand there for a moment in shock, getting completely drenched "Get out of here!" he yells, gesturing his hands wildly. Well, perhaps that was Heavenly Father sending us a little memo that this man, although nice, was not having it. We ran away and hid under the neighbor's side roof. So...I'm sure it'll be funny someday.

  Lots of good things this week, and we get to go to Honbu FHE tonight with Mi chan! We also had a GREAT lesson with Osa san. The secret to getting her to stop trying to argue with her? Show her that we LOVE her. I was a great lesson to learn.

Have a wonderful, August-shower-free week!
Love you!!
Orgill shimai

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