Monday, August 25, 2014

Transfer week!

A great week of different kinds of dendo! Ste shimai and I had so much fun! We really learned to love each other over this transfer. I'm sure what I have learned with companions will help greatly with future relationships. We set and made our goal of 3 P.I.s! And we found them in very different ways:
One woman talked to us in her genkan for half an hour about her thoughts on where we go after this life. She has actually read the Bible before. She is busy right now visiting her grandfather in the hospital; but in a few months she expects to be less busy then, and we hope to meet with her!

Another man we found in Shiogama at marine Gate. He speaks great English and was asking us questions about his limited knowledge of our church. He's going to try to come to Eikaiwa English class soon, and talk to us from there!

One of their potential investigators!

The final man was a blessing of using our talents and playing the ukulele. He is learning to play the ukulele, and we got to talk to him for several minutes about the Book of Mormon! He took it and said he wanted to read it. he has a great interest in Christian churches, and it was such a cool experience to see the Lord drop him right in our lap!
Something I learned this week is that when we set goals, pray for the spirit, and strive to know what God wants us to do, He helps us achieve those goals! I'm excited to work with Sister O because i know what a great goal-setter and hard-worker she is! 

    Now time for Word of the Week! Nusumigiki!! It means: EAVESDROPPING. Well, it actually means "steal hearing". Pretty accurate, right?
The package says, "I have acquired sweets"

Anything written in English is apparently more appealing to the Japanese consumers!

   We also got to do some cool matsuri dendo as a district on Monday! Nothing better than getting out among the (slightly lubricated) people and talk to them! Love it.

This week was mostly dendo, dendo, dendo- but those are the best weeks anyway! SO transfer calls came and Ste shimai is transferring to Aomori!! IT's crazy that her (and my) trainer, Yosh and her will have served in EXACTLY the same areas for their whole missions. Crazy! Speaking of transfers, not only am I getting a gaijin companion, but I am getting a gaijin DISTRICT. Like 6/6 white people.. Bummer. I guess it's something other than Japanese that the Lord wants me to learn in these last 3 transfers..

So the Saka family had another barbeque this week, and it was a great chance to meet with LAs and investigators! (And pet cats, talk to my 94-year -old best friend Fu-san, and eat super weird foods.) I ate an entire, live, ENORMOUS oyster. It was SO nasty. It was like snot and sea water. Yum. Also I ate an enormous scallop straight from the shell. Schmidt shimai and I always do the crazy food challenges together (recall the chicken gizzard?) just for the experience! A mission has changed my perspective on what "opportunity" truly is!!  Ah, that reminds me, I also ate an entire squid head this week. And from it we were able to chat with the store owner about what we do as missionaries. Not bad, not bad.

Squid head!!

  Well, there was a lot of rain this week, and it was a lot of very wet, sweaty biking. I still love biking despite it! I will persevere through the heat and wet!!

We had a GREAT visit with a wonderful member, Ono shimai! And she brings me to the Funny Moment for the week. For some reason, Om shimai just loves me. This 60-year old woman hugs my arm and hangs off of me like I'm a human jungle gym...I just assumed she was a character and let it go. But the other day, she came up to me and said, "I hope you don't think I'm weird. You're just so...soft and cuddly! And you're so big and strong, I always loved having friends like you in school!" ....ummmmm. thanks. But I really love Om shimai:) We went to visit her, and on a strike of good fortune her husband randomly had the day off of work and we got to chat with them for so long! We sang them a hymn and talked about because he doesn't drink and doesn't smoke he could join the church easy;) He seemed to really open up to us! We bonded over our love for animals- he has befriended the neighborhood tanuki- like a raccoon, but nicer and way cuter. He feeds it at 4 o'clock every day! He affectionately named the raccoon "Ponta", and Ponta apparently got the memo that we had stopped in for a visit because he came around early to check it out! Super cute to see Om san go out into the rain to talk to his little friend. We're going to try to invite him to listen to what his wife believes so steadfastly! Love that family, and love the members here!

Love you much, and have a great week!
Orgill Shimai

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