Wednesday, August 13, 2014


We were blessed to have a lot of activities with members this week, and it's been so great to see how the gospel has blessed their lives! It's such a testimony builder to me!

Beach Day with the district!
    We taught on lesson to O san this week. It was...difficult. We tried to teach her about faith. She says she 50% believes in Jesus Christ and 50% doesn't. We explained the 50% is her faith! She got really argumentative and pushy about how every religion is worshiping the same God, and everyone just needs to keep their personal beliefs to themselves. She's pretty difficult to teach; it often feels like she is TRYING to look for points where she disagrees and then tries to argue about them. In our upcoming lesson we're going to ask her what she expects in meeting with us, and see if we should drop her in the near future. Pray for us.

This email will be short, because OH BOY I have a lot of pictures to send you!! This week was one of the most fun-filled weeks of my WHOLE MISSION. Here's the run-down:
Monday- District P Day at the beach!!! So relaxing to just get to know everyone and pick up the garbage strewn everywhere! (I just realized how that must sound....missionary perspective I guess.)

Beach day!!

Tuesday- Fireworks in Sendai to kickoff Tanabata!! We went with Mi and one of the members! You BET  ate Beard Papa's (a cream puff store - they have one in San Francisco as well)!!

Wednesday: Tanabata! We talked to some really nice people travelling from all around the world! And the streamers were exquisite!!

Thursday: Zone training meeting in Sendai! Learned lots of good things, and lots of rules tht we didn't know were rules (oops!) so we repented (I'm talking the whole zone....Smith Kaicho's a pretty strict mission pres, it would seem.) We went to Matsushima with Mo chan, a 12-year-old that we teach English to and her mother and some members! There was supposed to be fireworks and a TON of sparklers, but it got rained out ;( We had fun anyway, and I got to talk to a wonderful lady on the train!

Soaking wet!!

 Friday- LOTS of biking to visit LAs in the hills of Shiogama in the POURING RAIN. My goodness we were so wet. We also had a great mogi (lesson) with A shimai a wonderful member (the one who gives us so much food that we call her house Costco...)

Elevator party!!

Saturday- Finishing up making the zori slippers, and teaching lessons to O, Mo chan, etc!
Sunday was lots of meetings and planning!

We got to participate in Mi's seminary class, and it was so spiritually edifying! My comp and I both learned a ton!

Natalie and her companion, Kurokawaaaa!!!

Funny moment: So anyone who has been wih me for more than 2 hours knows that I have a talent for getting food on my face. I'm also terribly humble; so I hate being praised for this talent when people tell me, "Hey, you've got food on your face." I usually respond with, "I know!! It's a snack for (email time, a lesson later today, etc.)" So now instead of telling me I have food on my face, my companion smiles wryly and asks, "so what are you saving your snack for this time?" Punk ;)
Love you! Have a great week.

Orgill Shimai

Tanbo art on the way to Shichigahama beach!

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