Sunday, July 20, 2014


New yukata and new hair!
I had a 24-hour flu this week, but received a wonderful priesthood blessing from our elders and am back on my mountain bike, climbing the crazy hills of Tagajo! We tried to focus a lot of finding this week! Through the scenery, umbrella colors, and pets, we are trying to find natural ways to talk with people and show interest in them. Peple have responded so positively! The people of Tagajo are very kind, and it's a pleasure to get to serve them!
Chicken Ship!!
Although it wasn't scheduled, we were blessed to get a lesson with Osa san She told us that she believes that we as missionaries have a special power from  God after we explained the priesthood. She's a little rough around the edges, but Heavenly Father is preparing her to be polished and beautiful! She reminds me much of Ori shimai when I was in Kamisugi, who was difficult at first, but the Spirit softened her heart and she was baptized. Heavenly Father is working with Osa san as well! Oh AND. We showed up to her house in a rainstorm, and despite our best efforts we were SOAKING WET. So, instead of skirts; we taught her in towels she lent us. Casual.

There was a fair amount of rain this week. Now I understand why everyone gets manly calves when they come to Tagajo (I already have them;problem solved) ; the hills are BEASTLY. Like seriously. Just straight climbing. And then you think you're done....and then there's another incline. I'm loving it so far! And I'm SO GLAD I have a mountain bike. HALLELUJAH. The rain is nice though because it keeps you cool(er) during the long climbs! Steve shimai has this pink rain jacket, and it always puffs up in the wind for some reason; and so I get to ride behind the pink Michelin Man. It's pretty hilarious.

Wearing our yukatas for the fireworks show!
Side note: I'll just give you the short version. There is a member family here that does all of the missionaries' hair. I went with my companion, and asked them if they could color my hair a little bit darker. I'm not sure whether it was purposeful or not; but my hair is black. Soo....that happened.

Word of the week! Mizubukure- BLISTER. Last night was about a 5 km walk home from the fireworks show- while wearing a yuukata. Fun fun;)

Yoshi shimai's three beans, all in the same zone together! (They all had the same trainer/first companion)
Just another great week of dendo! I love this area, district, and apartment! We're going to the RS president's house tonight (you guessed it-on top of a giant hill) to watch the fireflies! I'll prob have 30 mins to email tomorrow (other than email, our PDay is tomorrow this week), but have a wonderful week!
My replacement for the Akita dogs :)

Love you!
Orgill Shimai

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