Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 56 - Brunettes just wanna have fuuun......

Here are the highlights from this week: 
Monday: Ward party at the Relief Society president Sister Sa shimai's house to barbeque and watch the fireflies! It was awesome!
Mi chan (left) before fireflies later that night
Wednesday- A split with Osh shimai where I took us up the BIGGEST HILL IN ALL OF TAGAJO. And THAT is saying something. My legs are gonna be SO ripped whenever I leave here: I'm serious! Then, to add to my insane workout, as we were going up this huge hill, I tried to downshift my gears and BAM! My gear shift broke completely off my bike and clattered to the ground in the darkness, leaving me in the highest gear to climb the hill (and forever til I get it fixed!) It was an adventure! 
Friday- A ROUSING and very competitive game of Uno with members and non-members at the church (Called Open House- we do it twice a week every week! One night is Uno, one is ping pong!) 
Saturday: Very reminiscient of housing as a bean new missionary, we came face-to-face with another shirtless-wonder man while housing. Keeps you on your toes;)
You wanted a mountain bike picture? YOU GOT IT.
We tried a lot of different dendo this week, but we haven't found a new investigator yet. But we've set a goal this week to talk to 100 people (I got the idea from my split with Osh shimai!), and I hope the Lord will bless us for our efforts:) 

    We've had a great opportunity to do service at the temporary homes for victims of the tsunami recently. We saw a picture on the office wall of someone playing a ukulele and we mentioned that we love playing the ukulele! They then produced a ukulele out of nowhere and had me sing and play for them! And now they're having a big Hawaiian-themed event next month where all of the missionaries will go to talk with people and play the ukulele! I'm glad the Lord wants us to use our talents in dendo!

Beautiful sunset in the hills of Shiogama (no, my hair is not red.)
     We had a lesson with Osa san this week, but she seems to be hardening her heart to whatever we teach. She's happy to listen; as long as she can debate about it. But we are showing her love and praying the Spirit will soften her heart!

    On splits with Osh shimai, we got to hear the wonderful miraculous story of Sai shimai's son's conversion to the gospel; even though he had many physical obstacles in this life. It was so inspiring, and we're so lucky to have such great members here! 

   Mi chan has SO much faith, and I love getting to teach her recent convert lessons with Schmidt shimai! She loves the master scriptures; she's working on memorizing them! What a stud!

At the hotaru! (fireflies) with Mi chan and Sister Schmidt
Instead of Word of the Week, here's Home-Spun Wisdom of the Week- Osa san absolutely insists the best way to get pretty is by cleaning the toilet. Her reasoning? "Because you're down the toilet". Ahhh, I see. (nope, that doesn't make sense)
We party hard watching fireflies!

So I am DETERMINED to finish the BoM in Japanese before I head home, because Gordon B. Hinckley has promised that those who read it in their mission language will gain a perfect understanding....along those lines. So I'm in Alma 17, and I was reading a few chapters ago this morning about how Alma and Amulek are in the prison and the wals come down and everyone flees like goats from two lions....and I thought, "Yeah! I want to be a lion of the Lord!!"

Well, that's it for this week! Love you all mucho! As they say in Japanese, "Be careful to not be affected by heat exhaustion!"

Orgill Shimai

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