Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 53 - Transfers...

Goodbye to the green mountains and Akita dogs, I'm heading back to Sendai to Tagajo! Pretty mixed feelings, but I think the Lord is giving me a great chance to grow by transferring me to Tagajo. My companion with be Ste shimai- she's half Japanese (but has spent her entire life in Japan.) Should be a party! (Let's be real, I refuse to let it be anything OTHER than a party.)

This letter's probably gonna be kind of short, sorry! But I'll give you the basic run-down on this week.

We had a good lesson with Mi this week. I think that as she starts to live the commandments she will show her faith and her answer that this is the true restored church of Jesus Christ will come! I know that Gall shimai and Ko shimai will be so great for her!

Fun on the slide last P Day with the district

Funny moment: Okay, so we all remember the infamous too-friendly R san, right? Well, there's a part two. SO we went to do volleyball dendo contacting Tuesday night. And he was complaining about how every time we scored a point, he wanted to hug me and Ko shimai, but he couldn't. From a far off distance, I held out me hands and said in Japanese, "air hug!" He held out his hands to receive the air hug, then kept walking towards me, his hands outstretched. Umm I think NOT small sir. I escaped crawdad-style, leading with my rear away from Ryo with his arms outstretched. I then accidentally "Moon Landed" (as D choro calls it) with elder Schmidt. Meh, better than getting hugged by R. Schmidt and I are homies, so no awkwardness whatsoever!

Word of the Week: I learned this one from my dear father! Yodare. Drool. I knew the word for spit; but I didn't know there was a seperate word for drool!

The district

So we went to Aomori to meet Smith Kaicho and Shimai this week the new mission president and his wife! They are super spiritual; I'm excited to get to work with them for the next few months! One downside; Smith Kaicho has pretty good Japanese, but he talked in English. I (as I am every time...) was the translator, so when he immediately switched to English at the beginning, I had to immediately switch to Japanese. For the whole half an hour. I wanted to die. My brain was bleeding. That man uses high caliber English; I'm gaijin foreign, native English speaking and I could barely understand it. He said he wants the Japanese missionaries to become fluent in English, so here on out he will only give trainings in English. I better amp up my Japanese; because this joint-replacement specialist surgeon makes a LOT of medical analogies. Buckle up, Orgill shimai.  It's about to be a bumpy ride.

We ate yakiniku literally cooked meat last night at Ta shimai's house (the one who owns the butcher shop) That family goes HAM (no pun intended) when it comes to meat. Oh and by the way, I spent Saturday night service cutting up cow intestine into small pieces to be packaged and sold. yum.

This week, our friends the To's (cow farmers) took us out to lunch. What we didn't anticipate was that it was going to be a 12 course meal at a castle-like building that's a hundred years old. Nice; but too nice for missionaries. 
The model district
Additionally, to get an idea of what life is like at the Odate sisters' apartment, I will tell you of the happenings this week. Ko shimai did Judo for several years, so she's a bad-booty. I told her, "I bet you can't pin me". So she put me in her best hold, and I just reached up with one finger and gave her a strong poke to the armpit. Her arm swung back in shock, accidentally clawing me in the face. I now have a cut on my inner lip. She's bitter; probably because I won. ;) Man I'm gonna miss being companions with Ko.

Have a great week, and I apologize in advance for the very short emails which will come from here on out from the single computer in Tagajo! 
Love you!

Orgill Shimai

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