Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 52 - "Natalie, if I hug you, will you be mad at me?"

Yes I will, 30-some-year-old married, flirtatious man named R. And that's Sister Orgill to you.This week was...an adventure to say the least.
I love Odate!!
Word of the Week: Bikkurishita! It means, "I'm suprised!" But when you jump out from behind a corner as your companion is walking through the apartment at 6:33 am, and if that companion happens to be Japanese, this is what you will hear. Not, "Ahhhh!!" or "Woah!!" or "Yikes!!" Just a VERY rappid, "BIKKURISHITA!" I'm honestly impressed they can get it out so fast in a moment of cold fear!

Left and below: We're obsessed with sudoku! We play it every lunch time.

Funny moment- Ahh, and FINALLY I can share a language fail, and it is finally not my own! My companion is EXCELLENT at English. Like truly phenomenal. She used the word "sadist" last night. I'm impressed on the daily. BUT. She is a sister; not an elder; so she does not use certain words often identified as "potty language". She was trying to say something to me the other day, but she couldn't remember the English. She took a wild guess. "Accidentally I pooped!" I stared at her in silent shock for a moment. "What...is poop?" I explained. Then we both just stared at each other in shock for a moment and then busted up laughing. I seriously need to start making a Ko English quote book. It is RICH.

So Elder No and Elder Si go every Tuesday night to play volleyball with some of the more intense Odate civilians, and they've had a great time doing some natural dendo there! Because Nor goes home this coming week, they threw this huge party for the whole team, and invited all of us missionaries (they've met all of us at least once!) So we went on Saturday night! As we were biking there, we were stopped at a stoplight. A beautiful Akita dog was tethered to a post and came up and licked Ko. "He's so cute!" No and Ko started petting him. A man sittineg inside the neighboring shop sat watching them. "You want him? He's free. You can take him," he called. OHHHHH the temptation. He was dead serious! Do you know how PRICEY these pure-bred dogs are?? I was so sad that we had to say no thank you and carry on:(
The party!
 We showed up to the party. A huuuuge table stretched across two rooms, and around it were sat maybe 25 people including us (and also including the aforementioned R.) We ate dinner and had a great time talking to them all! Then at around 8 pm, the most muscular Asian man I've seen in my entire life walks in and goes, "So when are we gonna start drinking?" That would be right after the missionaries leave, sir. This bald man started arm wrestling all the elders! Dra and Schwarz almost had him- but then he took even them down. Dra choro was pretty bitter. "That's the first time in my life I've been beaten at arm wrestling."

Spiritual thought- I read and LOVED Moroni 9:6 this week! Check it out:)

So, we had a lesson yesterday with Mi san! And it was....AWKWARD> SO AWKWARD. We taught her about Baptism the gift of the HG, and enduring to the end. I asked her, "When you come to know these things are true, will you be baptized?" "Yes." I continued. "We know that this message is true, and that you can come to a knowledge of it buy early August. Will you prepare to be baptized at that time as you continue studying and praying about our message?"  She quailed. It was dead silent. Our joint (a member from the ward who joined them in the lesson) eventually checked her phone. "I've gotta go, sorry,"said the joint. It was probably for the best. We thanked her and she left. The room fell again into silence. "Do I have to answer right now?" Mi-san asked. We told her that she didn't; and that once she knows these things are true that she'll WANT to be baptized. We told her our friendship was not precedented on whether or not she received baptism. She continued to protest, "But, won't I have to give up tea or something?!" "That's next lesson!" we told her. We love her so much, but please PRAY FOR HER for her heart to be in the right place so she can focus on coming closer to God instead of focusing on "keeping rules!" We love her a whole lot.

The elders passed us our friend Missy san this week! She's 26, super cute, and is doing a great job of keeping her commitments, and she loves the Book of Mormon! She's being a champ and is trying to quit smoking. We're so excited to get to work with her. 

This week is gonna be BUSY! Tomorrow we're heading up to Aomori to meet President Smith and his wife! Elder No and I will be the translators for the meeting. Then we have volleyball. And then we're going to teach a bunch of young families English in one of the bordering cities that hasn't had a lot of missionary work before! Exciting!! Then we have lunch with the To's (our cow farmer friends), an appointment with a woman that wants to hear our message, Elder No's last supper, and lots of fun stuff and lessons in between!

Odate's a happening place, people! I'll let you know about transfer calls next week!
Much love,
Orgill shimai

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