Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 49 - Noo transfers for mee!!

  Transfer week! Not shockingly, neither Sister Ko nor myself are being transferred! Neither is anyone in my district (first time on my mission!) We think that President had a lot invested in this area;) We're all so glad not to be transferred!!
Natalie says, "My district is a group of .... individuals"

 Oh, and before I forget:
Word of the week! Tomawashini iu-To drop a hint! This is the "Would you like a mint?" as opposed to "Yo breath STANK" approach. VERY useful!

Funny moment: Okay. It's not funny. But as we were helping a member DEEP clean her house this week, I was attacked by a cockroach. Okay, attacked is perhaps a little violent concerning what happened, but those who know me know that I never exaggerate things. Never. But anyway, I'm wiping the legitimate three centimeter thick-fuzzy dust from a high shelf, and I move aside a stack of bowls and BAM! Giant cockroach in my face. NOT pleased. Additionally, (speaking of home teaching) I ate seaweed in vinegar for breakfast. Mm, Japan.

And a lovely sunset on the way back from an L.A. visit about an hour out of town!

    Some great things went on the week and some great people were found! Elder S and D found THREE NEW INVESTIGATORS this week!!! The Lord is blessing this area in amazing ways!  Ko shimai and I met some really great guys housing this last week, and we hope good things come from them! Mi san is taking the lessons great and really progressing! She asks hard questions, and it pushes us to be better!  I'm teaching my FIRST gospel lesson in ENGLISH tonight to our new Nepalese friend! Thank goodness my companion is fluent at English:) 

Elder No and Sister Orgill - P Day with the district
  This week was such a testimony builder that as Gordon B. Hinckley once said, as long as we are living in the right way and doing the right thing then we will be guided by the Spirit. There were two things that particularly strengthened mine and Ko shimai's testimonies this week:

         We had a list of shops that had agreed to hang up our Eikaiwa English lesson poster about 6 months ago. We started to go around to the different shops to ask to exchange the photo of the missionaries, as the missionaries had since changed (we're hoping that by going to these shops with a specific reason that they will come to get to know the missionaries better). I noticed "Mama Tandoori", an IndoCurry restaurant that we had passed before and the location I knew. We went there, and although they couldn't find out Eikaiwa English lesson poster, we got the chance to start talking with the host. He told us how he'd only been in Japan for 6 months and really wanted to learn the language, but just didn't have time. We told him we could do a Family JAPANESE Program for him, and explained about how it works. He seemed really interested, and we're teaching him tonight with the elders.
The pictures are from district P Day the other week!
       The second was last night. We had an hour before our call-in report, and we had planned to do park dendo contacting. Picking a park at random, we headed off, got lost, got lost once more, and then arrived at the park: completely empty with not a soul there. I thought about your advise to look for the miracle. There was a reason Heavenly Father wanted us there at that time; and it wasn't to give up and go back to start hokoku calling just yet. I looked at the house to the side of the park. There was a man tending to his garden. "You have a lovely garden!" we said, walking over to where the man was. We asked him to give us a tour (it truly was a GORGEOUS garden), and he proudly showed us the bonsai trees and flowers. Just then his wife walked around the back to the garden as well. We started talking to her. "So you're...religious people?" she asked. We explained that we were volunteer missionaries.  "I only know one religious person," she responds. Do you know, Ko san?" We told her in shock that Ko shimai is INDEED a member of the very same church we are volunteering for. Her face lit up. "I love Ko san! She's my best friend. She's such a good person..." and goes on to tell us about how much she respects Ko shimai. We called her and had our new friend (Saki san) talk to Ko shimai on the phone. It was so great, and they asked us to stop by anytime.

I know it's not by chance that we talk to who we talk to and meet who we meet. The Lord is the head of this work, and He is not passive in leading us in the salvation of souls! It's such a priveledge to serve in Odate! Great things are happening here.

Love you! 
Orgill Shimai
The district!

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