Friday, May 23, 2014

Week 47 - Hiked the "DAI" Mountain Today!

District at lunch, eating sashimi
Dearest family!

I had my last interview with R Kaicho President before he finishes his mission this past week. It was the highlight of my week. I will sure miss Kaicho and shimai when they go home. They've been like parents to me!

We did some good work with LAs Less Active members this week. We will be doing something similar to a Family English Program (FEP) with a kind LA Fu shimai that we met the other day! She was so kind when we visited her, and Ko shimai and I both strongly believe that she could become a very strong member! Then we went to visit another LA, and there was a sign in front of his house. The miracle was that it was going to be the elders that were gonna try and visit him; and the elders are all white and can't read kanji Japanese characters - each character has a different meaning, and it takes a long time to learn the system.. But Ko and I went and she explained that the sign entailed in VERY polite wording that the man had died less than a month ago, and that his funeral had been the next day. We're really trying to sort out all of the LA information; and it was a miracle that we were the ones to go so that we knew what had happened to the poor man.
Natalie and her companion, Ko Shimai

Ko shimai and I sang, "A Child's Prayer" in church on Sunday, and none other than our amazing investigator Mi san played the piano! The Spirit was SO strong, there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Mi san is so talented, and the members love her! She fits in so well at church, and we feel that she really likes coming (she's already told us she's planning on coming next week!)

We had a great lesson with her this week. Because she is still doing the FEP right now, the standard is 30 minutes English, 30 minutes gospel. But she really got into the lesson and we hadn't even taught her half of what we really felt she needed to hear when the 30 minutes were up. Ko shimai threw me a slightly panicked look, and out of nowhere she says, "We can totally keep going!" We love teaching her, and she is doing so amazing at reading from the Book of Mormon. She is SO intelligent and she would make an amazing member:)

One of the most fun parts of this week was cleaning Sa shimai's (member) house!! It wasn't even that messy! But we cleaned it as all 6 missionaries and she had Abba playing in the background the whole time! I may or may not have broken it down to "Dancing Queen"....haters gonna hate.

I am finally TOTALLY BETTER from being sick!! I feel amazing!! I thank Heavenly Father for my genki every single day now!!
Sashimi - yes, it's mostly all raw fish.

WORD OF THE WEEK: Well, more like a phrase but "Kaze no taiyori de" (literally "wind from Thailand") When you say some information that few people know (like rumors) and people say, "Where did you hear that?!" And in English we can say "Whispers in the wind!"? Well, they say it in Japanese too! "Kaze no taiyori de!"

P.S.- Cultural Experience of the Week- I accidentally ate pig intestines last week. I thought it was really fatty chicken. As I was eating it Mi san said, "I'm really surprised you can eat Horumon!" I dropped my chopsticks. I'm....eating...INTESTINES?! No wonder it tasted like garbage. 

Welcome to Japan, people.

Love you mucho!
Have a great week.
Orgill Shimai
On top of the Dai mountain, their hike on Monday

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