Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 46 - Skype was awesome!

Dear family,

VERY short email this week! Skype was awesome!! (Missionaries are allowed to Skype with their families on mother's day and Christmas day, so that was a special treat on Sunday!)

This week was difficult for me; my body just wasn't cooperating with what I wanted it to do. But I received a beautiful blessing from Elder No and hope to be getting back to great dendo (contacting people)! One blessing about being sick is it makes me realize how very much I love dendo; because when I'm sick I miss it so much! It makes me worried about having to go home some day!
  We got to go to Aomori for a Zone Training and it was so cool to get to go back to my bean area! (A new missionary is "green", or a green bean, so Natalie is referring to where she first started her mission) I'll be back up there this week for my final interview with president before he goes home!
Have a great week!
Love you!
Orgill Shimai

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