Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 45 - INU DENDO!

This is a pond, but the sakura fall so heavily it looks like you can walk on the water!

This week was one of the most fun, effective weeks of dendo contacting I've had on my whole mission! The sakura Japanese cherry blossoms came out and everyone's hearts opened with it! We've been able to have some great spiritual discussions with the people we've met!

On Monday we were streeting at Keijou park close to the church, and there was a sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival and lots of people were gathered there! We met Jo and Je, our new friends. They are originally from the Philippines and are sisters! They have been going to the Catholic church, but they want to come to church with us soon! I was thinking what a bummer it is that we don't have any Filipino people to joint for lessons; and then I remembered that not one, but TWO less-active families here are Filipino and could provide excellent joint lessons! I certainly believe that there's no better way to bring people back to the light of the gospel than through having them express their own testimony and faith to another!

   When we went to Hirosaki this week, we met a man named Igor from Bulgaria, a 36 year old man who enjoys traveling the world but has no one to go with. I was able to bear my testimony about the Word of Wisdom, and many other missionaries shared their testimonies of prayer, the reality of God, the law of Chastity, etc throughout the day! Towards the end of the day as we were walking him back to his bus, he said to me, "You know, I just know that there has to be something more than just this life. Do you believe that there is like..a life before this life?" I explained to him about the Spirit world and why we are here; and where we go after we die. He was interested and had so many questions! He had to leave on the bus so he wouldn't miss the shinkansen train; but we got his email address and I promised him Elder No would teach him about God's plan of Happiness by email today:) I know that he was one of the reasons that the Odate missionaries went to Hirosaki! 

Elder No!
While we were going to Hirosaki, we were on a split; and I had the opportunity to work with Sister Les shimai. She is such a wonderful missionary and it was great to get the opportunity to go on a split with her. She is so kind and loving to everyone, and I hope that I can exemplify that kind of love in my dendo. On the train back to Odate, this girl came up to us and gave us mochi rice cake dessert with a translation of what mochi was into English on her phone for us. It was so kind! We gave her our contact information and hope to get to meet with her again!
Being sakura models?

This week was the Akita dog show of all Japan in- you guessed it- the inaka countryside town of ODATE! I was in HEAVEN. Akita dogs look much like fluffy bears. They're way cute and ENORMOUS.

Kawaii inu!!
Our new investigator Mi san from the other week is responding so well to lessons. She is someone who is earnestly seeking eternal truths. She said a beautiful first prayer in our lesson this week, and she came to church and seemed to enjoy it this week! She is a privilege to teach, and we are praying for her to feel the Spirit and answers to her prayers.

I love you all a ton, and I thank you so much for your emails! They make my whole week and provide a great spiritual uplift for me! 

It is an honor to serve here and be blessed so abundantly by the Lord.
Orgill Shimai

P.S.- Word of the week!: Juujitsu- full and enriching, like DENDO right now! :)
Ah, and Hakkekkyuu, white blood cell count!

*names have been changed to protect privacy

A hen and her chick, and their awesome Japanese rain suits!

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