Friday, May 2, 2014

Week 44 - What's that saying about lemons and lemonade? You send Orgill shimai to inaka(countryside) and she does chicken dendo? Ah yes.

   Another great week with Sister Ko shimai. It is interesting to see how the Lord works through us to help others. I've come to realize it's almost always not eve close to what I expect! This last week Ko shimai and I were way out in inaka the countryside in the South, visiting LAs Less Active members of the church. We passed a farm with lots of cows, and I (loving animals) said to Ko shimai ,"We should try to service there!" 

The view out of my apartment window... FIELD. Welcome to Inaka!
No one was there, but when we were back in the area a few days ago, we stopped by once more. We talked to a woman who stopped her tractor to talk to us. It turns out that we showed up at the 3 employees' only break time in the entire day. There was the woman and her husband who owned the milk farm, and then their "employee" who they said was around 60 years old. He walked up and Ko shimai and I both felt so powerfully, "This man is what we're looking for!" He was the most stake president-ppoi president-like non-LDS person I think we had both ever seen. He informed us he actually sells animal feed to other places around Tohoku, and that day was the only day that he would be at the farm the entire month. We talked to the 3 about their philosophies of life and the nature of man. They were so kind to us, and we're going to try to go help them prepare for little kids to come for a field trip by helping them clean as a district! And my GOODNESS that 60 year old man needs to get his hands on a Book of Mormon! I hope we can meet with him in the future!

So, I'm gonna be totally real with you. One of my big motivators for wanting to go to that farm? CHICKENS. I miss seeing chickens!!! And we got to pet baby cows who kept trying to suck on my fingers (they were only 10 days old :3 )  And our new friends gave us fresh eggs from the chickens and honey tes from their beehive! I LOVE being in inaka!!

Oh, we also happened upon a 700-year-old tree this week. The treasure troves of the rice fields...

     What Ko shimai and I have found recently is much like the quote of President Hinckley that talks about when most of us think of missionary work, we simply think of tracting, but those who are acquainted with the work know that there is a better way. We have come to truly feel that with Domon Kaicho's vision for Odate. The branch needs to become a family! We are working on loving the members better! They are such wonderful people. We are so lucky to get to be led by President Do Kaicho. All of the people we have begun teaching this week haven't been just through standard knocking on doors (except for one--Oo san- we have big hopes for her!); they've been through seeking the Lord's will for this area and trying to do His work as more consecrated missionaries!
Doggie dendo in the park!
     We have begun teaching M and Y san separate family English Program lessons, and especially M is taking the lessons so well! They both just walked right into the church with interest in learning English! M has read the Bible before and seemed so interested when we introduced the BoM to her! She said, "I had no idea there was anything more than the Bible! I actually asked my parents to ship mine to me just this last week!" It was a great first lesson.

   I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve here. The sakura is beautiful. We get to go to Hirosaki, the most famous place in all of Japan for sakura! I hope that I can learn and become everything I hope to be as a missionary before I return. Truly the time goes too fast.
Sister Orgill
A view of the life of Orgill Shimai!

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