Friday, May 2, 2014

Week 43 - Odate!

*Names have been changed to protect others' privacy

A fast first week in Odate. Sister Ko shimai is feeling much better now! We had our first Family Eikaiwa English lesson today with our new friend Y chan, who is 18. She has excellent desires to help people and we hope to tie those in well to how the gospel can help people as well.

   While at the locals' market that we stumbled upon our first full day here, we met Sass san who was very kind and we were able t talk t her for a while. She gave us free miso (classic Japanese soup) and mochi (rice dessert), ad told us she'd keep an eye out for us since we're new to Odate. We visited her the other day and found out that she has a wonderful kind family, AND they know (Brother and Sister) Do kaicho and shimai, AND they went together with the Dos to Utah some years back! We look forward to trying to work with them in the future.

    Something that Ko shimai and I thought about this week (and really, the district as a whole) was receiving revelation and being guided to know what goals to set for this transfer and what to do and how to dendo contact people to teach. We were doing our goal setting for numbers for this transfer. We started at baptism We looked at each other. Nothing. We prayed. Still not sure. We fasted the next day. Still no clear answer on how many baptisms we'll see this transfer. We've thought a lot personally, in companionships, and as a district as to how the Lord is working with the missionaries in Odate, and how we will be able to do what we need to do. During hokoku District meeting, Elder S choro talked about how he had been thinking about the story of the brother of Jared and how the Lord hadn't just told him to make the stones and go up into the mountain, but rather had him use his own quantitative abilities, look to the scriptures to likely see what Noah had done, and then seek the Lord's approval if it was right.

     We all feel similarly about Odate. Once Brother Ish kyoudai instructed us, "Seek to know the Lord's will for why you are in this area with this companion at this time. But while you seek, don't just sit around waiting for answer; get up and give our all while you wait for confirmation from on high."   It has been such a comfort to Ko shimai and I to just rely on the Lord fulfilling His promises and just doing our best and living worthy of the Spirit. She is a wonderful missionary.

    This morning I opened my BoM and It fell open to Alma 34. My eyes instantly locked on verse 3. Applying it to our companionship, we can't just wait to be instructed every whit what to do. We need to bear with patience and faith, and just work as hard as we can; and that we plan on doing! See Alma 34 and see what she's talking about!

Doing some local service at the meat factory
A funny blip from this week: Our new apt is GORGEOUS. So gorgeous! But...It's one of those ones where someone lives RIGHT next to you and RIGHT above you, and yesterday when Ko shimai had the stomach flu (she's better now!) I realized that's really, really close...

   I am back in the North for sure. I hadn't missed people talking excitedly about me while I'm RIGHT NEXT TO THEM and them having NO IDEA that I understand everything they're saying.

   There are some beautiful parks here, and the sakura Japanese cherry blossoms that bloom every spring is supposed to come out in a week (yes, it's still that cold in the North.) and we'll do some excellent dendo here!! Definitely the best dendo of the week was asking the locals where the grocery store was, and having them tell us to go to the ichibi (the "once every 10 days local marketplace") instead!! It was so awesome! Everyone's all like, "Oh, you're white? Take all this free fresh fruit/nuts/yakiimo potato they sell on the streets/mochi/miso/snacks! I guess gaijin foreign power does have great perks.

I love working with Ko shimai and I love being in Odate! We've got some serious work to do here.

Love you!
Orgill Shimai

P.S. Enjoy the picture of my companion flying a cabbage.

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