Friday, May 2, 2014

Week 42 - TRANSFERS!!

We got the call last night, and I'm being transferred to ODATE. And I'm WHITEWASHING meaning both she and her companion are new to the area, and no missionaries have been there before with Sister Ko shimai. Our mission is to find the new shibu kaicho branch president? to lead the 8 or so active members. And start your praying.....NOW!!
Sunset before writing her last letter from Kamisugi!

Great week for the most part. We can't believe this 6 weeks is already over. The trio had SO much fun;)

We found a new investigator, and the choro Elders are passing this cute obachan kinjin literally "golden grandma", meaning she is a great investigator Oo san so things are going well in Kamisugi! I feel satisfied with how I am leaving here. I put my heart into Kamisugi, and in a lot of ways it's pretty hard to leave (much because I didn't think this day would actually come.) I head to Odate with Sister Ko on Wednesday. I love her bunches, and I hope she teaches me tons of great Japanese:) Gah love her already. Ah yes and Elder N choro and I are heading up out of Sendai to Odate together; he'll die there in 2 as well. Ready to see some miracles.

This week, I asked Ori shimai, "If I transfer, what will you do?" She looked at me hopefully. "Tsuite iku?"  Aka "Come with you?" I'm gonna cry when I have to say bye to her. We'll chill in Heaven though:) And goodness knows; if she's like her mom she'll still be genki healthy at 103 so we'll hang out:)

Lots to do but the work is going well here! My thoughts and prayers are with you Mom. The Lord remembers you and will help you every step of recovery:) Natalie's mom had a bike crash this week and broke a couple of bones - she's on the mend and doing fine.

Love you a million, I apologize in advance for the dinky one (at this point) computer in Odate I will be emailing on kore kara now. Wish me luck! Off to build Zion back in the North. Hurrah for Israel!!

Orgill Shimai
Saying goodbye for now

The Elders borrowed the Sisters' bikes...

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