Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 40 - Youth Conference

All of the youth at the conference

Missionaries - Natalie was asked to sing in a group at the conference!

To my esteemed family and friends!!

    A great week. It was such an honor to be able to go the Youth Conference at Hanayama and feel of the youth's warm hearts and spirits! I was in charge of conducting a role-play with a couple youth on how they would comfort a friend who had just failed a test and show their friend love. I had 3 boys in my group, 18 16 and 15. I learned later that at least 1 doesn't go to church, and at the beginning of talking with them it was a little awkward. But the Spirit touched them and they mogi'd practice-lesson-ed with all seriousness and spoke about how they would comfort their friends. I felt prompted to share with them that as a missionary I get the opportunity to hear a lot of people's stories; and just like we had talked about we can show so much love by just listening to people express their feelings. I told them being able to help people by doing what they were doing and talking about has made me very happy. The Spirit was so strong! I love the youth of this church! I hope all 3 of them serve missions and raise families in the gospel:)

Reppin' the west coast!
    We're continuing to work with Sister Ori shimai, and her faith is so strong! She's asking great in-depth questions about the doctrines and the First Vision, and she takes notes now:) She's not frustrated that because she's old it's hard for her to remember everything; she's just taking it day by day:) The members are so kind to her; she fits right in.

    Two of our investigators moved to Tokyo this week and one got baptized last week, and it looks like it's time to do some serious finding!! Sister Ha, Sim shimai and I are ready to use some gaijin (foreign, non-native Japanese) power and go to WORK.

Ori shimai is still the cutest thing EVER (pictures to come) and she truly says the DARNDEST THINGS. The other day we were teaching her about the Gift of the Holy Ghost that she had received. She was like, "Wait, I'm confused. So when you get the gift of the HG you can see it?" "No, no you can't."  "But he doesn't have a body, right?" "Correct." "But...some people can see him?" And then Ha shimai says, "No, but sometimes-" "-YOU CAN SEE IT?!" she interrupts, looking excited. Sim shimai and I made eye contact and just DIED laughing.

Sister Ha and Sister Orgill

 I hate to admit it, but definitely one of the most fun parts of this week was driving back with Ha shimai from the Youth Conference in the the AP's car....with all of my best friends. It was me and Ha shimai (they made Sim shimai go on splits with the other shimai sister missionary:( ) and then all of the elders (our HOMIES) in the district, and Elder N choro (my best friend forever) and Elder Ne choro! It was so fun; it was creepy. Like just like a roadtrip with college buddies. We went to McDonalds as well (Elder Ne choro refused to drive us there until I piped up from the back. "I gave my lunch away to a guy in my group who didn't have a lunch", I admitted. He groaned and said "You've got to be joking, Orgill shimai." I was then given a round of silent pound-it's as he turned the car towards the eki station.) It was a great time jamming on the uke. I played for them the song I wrote for the district, with a verse for everyone. They died laughing (it's not too shabby, I'll admit;) )
The giant cookies were courtesy of the mission president's wife! I love being a part of this work!! Sometimes it is really, REALLY hard, but it is ALWAYS rewarding and ALWAYS worth it. After all, we're in the business of soul-saving and eternal happiness;)

Much love,
Orgill Shimai 

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