Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 39 - Sister Ori is baptized!!

First, some fun pictures from this week!!!

Sister O, Sister Sim, and Sister Ha
Purikura with the trio!
Tim Tam Slam with the district - you take a Tim Tam straw, bite off the ends, and suck up hot cocoa!
Elder pile! Elders in Sister Orgill's mission

   An amazing week. Sister Ori shimai's baptism was so moving, and was such a testimony builder for all of us! At least two P.I.s potential investigators, or people who are interested in taking lessons from the missionaries in the future that came have said they felt great things and would also like to get baptized eventually. Ori shimai is so happy, and she fits in so well with the members! We love her so much, and look forward to helping her further her spiritual progression from here:)

Sister O!
   We got a call from the Zone Leaders. "We have been asked to find missionaries who can speak Japanese and can sing to go to SMYC in the mountains....you are cordially invited!" We were all super excited until we realize they're only taking me and Ha shimai and making Sim shimai go on a split with our other 2 shimai sister missionaries :( It'll be weird to have just one companion again! We all love our little three so much! Like, we're housing and if a guy is like, "I'm interested. Please come in." Then we're just like, "Don't mind if we do!" Missionaries are only allowed to teach someone of the opposite gender if there is a third member of their own gender. Trios are the bomb.com.

   I know I already said it; but I LOVED this week! It was so busy with meetings and getting ready for Ori shimai's baptism!! 
Sister B was able to come back for the baptism!!

We had asked the choro elders to fill the font, and to MAKE SURE it was hot (because Ori shimai was really worried about getting a cold). And we show up 20 minutes before the baptism; the water is a foot and a half high and the water is shut off. They explain that the hot water just stopped coming so they turned off the water. I told them, " One and a half feet is NOT dunkable!!" So we prayed and found out the gas had been shut off by an earthquake so we were able to turn it back on, heat the water, and fill it up to a satisfying level before she got baptized!!! Elder Mc choro baptized her, it was so cute! 

Elder Mc and Sister O, ready for her baptism
When she climbed out of the water, I said, "How was it??" "I'm reborn," she replied. 

Sister O and Sister O!

     She bore her testimony after she was baptized, and we sang Nearer My God to Thee. The Spirit was so strong, and I'm so proud of her! And then, because it's Japan, we went to ramen afterwards. Best day EVER!

That's carmelized sugar! Not related to the baptism, but this is a gift from their friend Brother Y, and he gave it to them when he came from Akita to receive his Patriarchal blessing.
*Note: names are changed to protect the privacy of those mentioned.

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