Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 38 - Translation Practice!

Another great week! I LOVE our little trio! We have so much fun. We are just trying our best to be disciples of Christ and let the Spirit guide our actions.

We have realized that earlier morning lessons are much better for Ori shimai sister and so we have started going earlier. We showed up around 10, but she had just woken up and was not ready for the day, so we said we would come back in 30 minutes. Then we left her apartment, kind of wondering what to do. We wanted to follow up on a place where we had left flyers but it was a Saturday and was a little early so we didn't want to upset people. We meandered toward a little grocery store, just talking to people on the way. 

Ori Shimai, baptism next week!
We had a pleasant conversation with a little old lady as we waited for the grocery store to open and handed her a flyer. Then the doors finally opened. The store clerk opened the door wide and said "Thank you for waiting, welcome." And then turns to us and says in flawless English, "It's open!" We were surprised but awkwardly meandered inside. It was both of my companions' birthdays so I bought these anpan bread with sweet bean paste inside things and went up to the register. We didn't realize but the lady who had let us into the store was the woman ringing me up. She bagged the anpan and as she handed it to me, she said in her perfect English, "I know you. You are missionaries." We were taken aback. We asked how she knew. She said that she had lived in Ogden. She said, "I know I need to go to church, but I just can't because of this job...I'm so busy", she said, gesturing around her. She said, "Thank you so much for coming here today. It made my day. I really needed to see you today." Well Su san, we couldn't agree more!! We'll be frequenting that grocery store much more from now on:)

Lots of translation practice this week!! At church we had a Nepalese, Sri Lankan, 2 Americans and 3 German-speakers join us! Some visitors; some investigators! I was recruited to translate which was all fun and games until THIRD HOUR. I sat down next to my new friend Ren, visiting from Frankfurt. She doesn't speak English. I repeat; she DOES NOT speak English. So I translate the Japanese lesson into English for a woman who would respond to me in German. MY GOODNESS my brain was dead by the end of church! But we had a great discussion!! She told me about a dream she had before she became a convert about how she saw Christ and He explained that He was doing doing all this suffering for her. She was so cool, and her and her husband (who is Nihonjin Japanese) are coming again next week! The crazy ironic part was after the meetings her husband came over (he speaks no English either) and we talked in Japanese and he would translate it for his wife into German and then she would say something and he would translate it for me into Japanese. Way trippy. Like who would have thought we'd need the little Asian man to translate for the two white girls who look like relatives?!  It was a good time.
Sister Orgill - being sassy and wishing she spoke German too!

We can't wait for Ori shimai's baptism; and neither can she! She tried on her baptismal dress on Sunday to make sure it fit and when she looked at herself in the mirror her face lit up like a little child and swayed in front of the mirror. "You look like a princess!" I told her. And she did! She is a child of the King of all Kings, and she has accepted his invitation to come unto Him!

Orgill Shimai 

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