Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 37--Same area, 2 new companions!

Awesome week with awesome new companions! I am SO blessed to have received such obedient companions throughout my mission!! Ori shimai is doing excellent; we have set the 22nd at 10 am as her date, and her mensetsu baptism interview is tomorrow! OH HAPPY DAY!! She is growing so much in faith and testimony, and she is getting so much more sensitive to the spirit!! My favorite things she said in lessons this week:

"I feel that God is telling me, 'You need to learn more about the Mormon faith.'"
"Did you listen to the BoM yesterday?"   "Yes, the first 3 CDs." "What?! But that's....2 and a half hours!!!" ".....Yes?"
"I just feel that I'm changing and I want to help other people and serve them and be a better person."
(in a prayer) "Heavenly Father, there are lots of awful things in the world like nuclear power plant disasters, but I came to church today and learned about the teachings of Jesus Christ and felt so much better."

When I first met Ha (one of Natalie's new companions) shimai, I was telling her about our investigators and said, "And Ori shimai is getting baptized in 2 weeks!"
And she turned to me with her eyes really wide and said in English, "I've...never seen a baptism before." It touched my heart and humbled me that the Lord has allowed us the privelege of teaching such wonderful people.

Ori shimai misses B shimai (Natalie's old companion that just got transferred to a new area)!

Companions picture with Ori Shimai

She asks about her every day, and pets her face in pictures. We're trying to push for having B shimai and I singing at her baptism so she HAS to come down here ;). I miss my B chan
(chan is an endearing term, like "cute little friend") too, but my goodness I got lucky with my 2 new companions as well!! Love them!!!

B Shimai and Orgill Shimai matching their cheez-it personalities
Ha shimai is the CUTEST THING EVER and is COMPLETELY FLUENT in English and is SO GOOD at helping Sim shimai and I with our Japanese! We're gonna be pretty fly by the end of this transfer!! She's from Higashi Kurume in Tokyo! Talk about INAKA (out in the countryside, not part of the big city)! She's 5th transfer and this is her 2nd area, formerly serving in Nagamachi!

Natalie and her new companion, Ha Shimai (from Japan, name changed for privacy)

Sim shimai is 3rd transfer, B shimai's good friend from the MTC, coming from Akita!!! She's from Highland Utah and she's a party!! Her Jaoanese is WAY GOOD!!! We can talk in all Japanese and no one gets left out and it's AWESOME!!! We're having a WAY good time!! I love my 2 new companions already!!!

Natalie's other new companion Sim Shimai (name changed for privacy)

Lots of good things this week; we taught like a million lessons and are just doing our best with our LAs and investigators!!
Best part of being a missionary? How much you can LOVE the people!! I feel the love of Heavenly Father so prominantly for His beloved children here in Japan!! I feel so priveleged to serve here. Missions are ALL KINDS OF HARD, but they're also ALL KINDS OF WORTH IT.

Reclining, reading the Book of Mormon in personal study
Dinner last week with SO MUCH FOOD!
This amazing dessert... Natalie says they get fed so well in Kamisugi, everyone gains weight!

I'm so grateful to help people along the path that brings true joy and eternal happiness.

Last few pictures of B Shimai...

Thank you for your love and support and especially your sweet emails!!
Orgill Shimai

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