Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 34-- ...I have never run so much in my LIFE...

 This week was great. We're so busy! And busy is amazing on a mission. We had a split with Mor and Mo shimai sister this week, and it was way fun! Mor shimai and I were housing when we found Shi, a 20 year old in baking school. We taught her about God and prayer and she became a new investigator!! The Lord is SHOWERING blessings on Kamisugi right now!! SO grateful to be able to participate in this great work. B shimai continues to impress me as such a fantastic, prepared missionary.  The other shimai found a kinjin golden person/investigator this week on splits as well (He's from Nepal!) ans he has a baptismal date! So we're looking at 3 people that will prospectively receive baptism in Kamisugi...crazy!!

        In my feedback/interview with Mor shimai, she asked me, "So you've been here 3 transfers. Do you want to transfer?" I told her I did; but if I don't transfer I still desperately want a Nihonjin Japanese companion. She asked me if I had mentioned it to R kaicho President, and I realized I hadn't because he seems pretty stressed out right now, and I'll go where the Lord wants me; whether that's transferring or staying here. And it is such a blessing to see Kamisugi becoming so fruitful!

We are concerned about O san; because she is 70 she forgets things like our appointments and people she's met once before. But she has strong faith and really enjoyed the Nagaoka baptism (8 year old), and believes that the Plan of Salvation is true and she wants to go to the Celestial Kingdom; but some of the Relief Society members think she has dementia and doesn't need baptism. We'll pray and talk to Brother I kyoudai and act accordingly.

Now to the running. Allow me to say that I have NEVER run so much in one week in my ENTIRE LIFE. (And that includes the brief period where I ran a few miles every day before realizing that oh yes...I hate running) And it's not just running, it's...Football bootcamp-style high knees and wading through slush, snow and ice. The high knees help magnificently though. And you had BETTER BELIEVE I've never been so little concerned about being cold on my mission; the blood's flowing all the time! Saturday was especially crazy. We woke up and realized we had to go to our emergency evacuation area like we do every month. B shimai and I hiked on the snow boots, went outside, and realized that it was BLIZZARDING. BAD. So we ran to the hinanbasho. Then we ran back. Then later we ran to the church. Then we ran to the apt. Then we ran to O's; she was gone so we ran back. Then we ran later BACK to O's; and she was there and we had a great lesson! And then it was 9 and we had to be back at 9:30 so we ran speeeeeeedily. My legs are not pleased; but they're gonna have to get over it because there's more running to come! I think every one of the shimai lost some weight this week from all the on-foot exercise! Our bodies just got acclimated to the bikes I guess....
It's been snowing for 2 weeks straight here! It's crazy! I'm told it's NOT normal for Sendai, but  thankfully it's wet and slushy so there's only a little ice so we can walk just fine and then we put our boots by the heater when we eat so they're warm before we go out again. It's been so fun!
The muffler life...
Tuesday we taught I-san (took the bus because the roads are still bad). It was a really cool lesson! We had planned to teach about the sacrament but she really wanted to talk about forgiveness. She uses WAY HARD Japanese and she thinks I understand it all...SO FALSE but an EXCELLENT WAY to learn new words like discrimination and miscarriage! (And also more positive words...I just can't think of them right now)
Wednesday we had lunch with K shimai (she's SUPER cute--has 3 kids, in her 40's). She went on a mission in Kobe. She's SO kind. I love hearing her testimony every time we see her!
We had a fabulous Mexican feast, compliments of the O-giru ke my parents!! The shimai sisters all thank you!!
Me with the Mexican feast!
Friday, we had another trio practice for Zone Training (to which there's going to be an Area 70 coming, Aoyagi choro) and since we were still on our split the STLs came and studied at the church with L shimai (from Hong Kong) (J shimai's companion) while we practiced. It's such a cool song! After a very dramatic evening, a lost glove, and running around like crazies in the blizzard with our 45 kilo about 100 lbs 70-year-old-investigator, we rode with O-san and S kaicho President to the church for the N family's 8-year-old son's baptism. It was a miracle we were able to get O-san there because it was snowing like crazy and we almost weren't able to find a ride for her! She loved it. She said she realized that the water isn't cold and that she probably has as much faith as the boy that got baptized and she talks about it all the time now. :)
Saturday, the 4 choro Elders called us and asked if we could come to lunch with them and a PI Potential investigator. They found her information on the wall in the International Center and it said she is really good at English and wants to meet lots of gaijin foreigners/non-Japanese people. So we subway-ed down to the Eki train and went to Indian food with her. She was super cool and cute and kind and had AWESOME English. She actually did a 8 month home stay in California and has interest in Eikaiwai English class and church and she's studying Japanese law. 
O Shimai!!
Sunday, we'd set up for O shimai (we're starting to call her shimai now!) to come to church with D shimai but when D shimai called her, O shimai said she couldn't come because she was too busy! Everyone else's kyudoshas investigators also bailed on church too (maybe everyone was afraid of going out in the snow) but we were able to joint with K shimai and I shimai's new Nepaljin kyudosha Nepalese brother and he is amazing! He was so sincere,so earnest, such a kinjin golden investigator! He REALLY wants to know the message of the gospel. And they'd only given him a Book of Mormon the night before but he'd already read all the introductionary pages and the first 20 pages plus a ton of other stuff in his Hindi Book of Mormon. Amazing! And he isn't even fluent in Japanese but he wants them to teach him in Japanese/English. Way admirable.
This morning I-san called to say she's sick so we can't visit her today, but we'll try and visit her later this week.
It is a blessing to get to see all of these miracles; and I love being a missionary!
Orgill Shimai
Sister B!

Brother T is a chef!! Jealous? It's Japanese pizza!

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