Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 33---The most snow in 30...40...50 years!!

Oh my goodness we are skating everywhere! AMAZING WEEK. Amazing week, people. B shimai and I are spending every moment thinking about, planning for and praying for our investigators. And MY GOODNESS is the Lord showering blessings on us! O san has gone form a hollow-eyed woman, half-starving because she couldn't afford food who seemed to not have too much interest in our message but just didn't have anything better to do than to meet with us. BUT NOW. That has changed. The biggest miracle of being on a mission? Watching the gorspel BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES. It's SO incredible!!  She has gone from all of that to a warm, smiley woman who has a new best friend (M shimai, the best member EVER) and who loves coming to church and has gotten so good at praying and treasures her Book of Mormon (her favorite is Alma:) best friend M shimai (who can do the reading with her so that she doesn't forget!) we love her so

much! Her only qualm with baptism is that it "looks cold", but M shimai assured her that it's oyu hot water :) We just want to make sure she has a strong testimony of the truths of the gospel before she receives baptism, but we're so grateful for the fellowshipping and incredible love of the members here in Kamisugi so that she fits right in!
 Everyone says that winter is hard because it's dark and cold and people don't go out; but the Lord is not about to let that stop or even hinder His work going forward.
  B shimai has done some very serious thinking as to what activities we could be more productive, and how to use every moment to the fullest to allow the Lord to bless us; and although we've just begun the Lord is already blessing us so much. I'm so glad to be working with her! She is ALWAYS thinking about what our investigators need; she forgets none of their needs and I'm so lucky to get to work with her!
We go HARD on the paint when it comes to planner decorating!
  We had a great lesson with our investigator I san this last week! Something we learned just from actively LISTENING with the Spirit; she WANTS faith. And she WANTS to change. We testified with all of our heart that that is the central message of this gospel; that ANYONE can change. I told her about the person I was even 2 years ago; and how I was able to change and now I'm here and I know these truths for myself. When we left there was so much more hope in her eyes. As we were leaving, she said, "It's hard, but I'm changing...little by little." YOU BET YOUR BOOTY YOU ARE.
  SO I was going to mention my halfway mark was next month...but it would appear my dear father is already aware. Well.
   There's so much snow R Kaicho President says we can't climb Yamadera next Monday:( Bummed! But The snow has been INSANE!! And we've felt about 8 earthquakes this week; one was so bad it woke all of us up and the bunk beds started squeaking like crazy and I was legitimately concerned that I was going to get squashed by B shimai's top bunk falling on me...but still alive!
   The HUGE amount of snow provided some great service opportunities!! I started chatting with this obachan grandma and then she almost fell and I said, "Do you need help?!" and she said, "Well, it's probably a little safer with two...grumblegrumblegrumble...." And so I gladly linked arms with her and we walked her all the way home:)  We got to learn about her (she was 85, like HOLY COW WHY ARE YOU OUT GETTING GROCERIES IN THIS STORM) and it was so great:)
   I have been learning some CRAZY words this week from Fu bishop and his family this week! FOr some reason, they all just assume I'm Japanese and drop words like mahi (paralysis) and menekiryoki (an immunodeficiency syndrome) like they're nothing! Well, at least I'm learning something! I got a call from a very panicked-sound Fu Bishop Sunday morning who said, "Everyone who was supposed to talk in sacrament can't get here because of the snow. Will you and B shimai sing?" "SUre! And recommendatio-" "-Anything is fine. Yoroshiku!" Best regards!
   SO we sang Nearer My God to Thee, and it went really well! I'm way blessed to have such a musically talented companion! Speaking of which, N choro (a maestro GENIUS) has composed 3-part version of A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief and it is BEAUTIFUL and he goes home in 3 weeks and I'll make him send a recording to you!! We're (Me, B, JS. shimai) are singing it at Zone Taikai Conference in 2 weeks. Stoked!
   I finished the Book of Mormon this past week, and I know as sure as ever that it is the word of God and that through it we can draw closer to our Savior. I'm now reading it in Japanese, which is way fun! Love it!!
   Have a great, and remember to find joy in the gospel; it is for any person in any state of life because our Heavenly Father wants EVERY ONE of His children to have this happiness!!

Love you all!
Orgill Shimai

Some pictures stolen from H choro at Zone Conference - back when I was in Aomori!

Looking VERY nervous to go out in the typhoon!

Ishiiya with M chan! She was baptized in 2011

Beautiful sunset while housing

One of the sisters had a birthday, so I made her a kimchi "cake"! We eat kimchi almost every day now.

FINALLY SAW MY BEST FRIEND IN THE MISSION FIELD!!King choro was the last person in my MTC district I hadn't seen in the field!!

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