Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 32-- "I...lost my way!"

 What a blessed week! Our new investigator from last week O san had a great experience at church (2nd time an investigator has come to church on MY ENTIRE MISSION!!) and when we prayed with her later she told Heavenly Father that she would like to keep coming to church! I was actually ill (VERY ill) when I woke up Sunday morning at 3 am. At 8 it hadn't gotten any better, and I was unable able to leave the apartment, but I kept thinking about O san and how badly I wanted her to be there and have a good experience so I prayed A LOT. Even though I was in a lot of pain I felt a really bright, buoyant positive voice in my heart that it was gonna be okay and I'd be there at church. I was still in pain when we left for the church.
   And then we got there and I just....forgot about it. The pain and illness was completely gone. We went to church, then biked to O san's house (she had gotten lost walking there), walked there with her, enjoyed the rest of church and then walked her back to her apartment. And as we walked out of her apartment the pain and the nausea returned instantly- but I couldn't have been happier. I had asked Heavenly Father to just help me get through church; and He did that AND allowed me to be able to walk 3 miles to and from O san's apartment.  I KNOW Heavenly Father listens to me and answers our prayers!!!
   But getting Oikawa to church was a story in ITSELF. I called her the night before. "Are you coming to church??" "Yes." "Do you promise??" "Yes." "I'm bringing Ishiiya bread for you." "Oh! I'll be there!" "Alrighty I'll call you in the morning!" Morning: "Hey O san! We-" "I'm leaving by 9." "Oh, okay! Can we walk toge-" "I'm coming by myself." "Okay! See you there!"
      And then we wait. We're standing in the foyer; Sacrament meeting is ticking closer. 9:459:50.9:59; she's not here. Disappointed, we walk inside. We take the sacrament and then take a "bathroom break" to check for her; nothing. We call (her phone is a home phone so she hadn't been picking up our calls before then) And she picks up. Before I say anything, she says in perfect English, "I way!" Long story short we went on the O rescue and walked with her all the way back to church for the last two hours:) I love that little woman! We're best friends. Every time I stand up she goes, "woah, you're SO TALL!" I finally patted her head the other day and said, "No my friend, you're just short!" "Fair enough," she replied. Now I understand what they mean by loving your investigators so much; when they progress and make changes and you see how much the gospel can bless their lives! I just want every good thing for her and everyone that we're working with. 
   We randomly visited I san (it wasn't random for us; she lives on the MOUNTAIN and we are on STREET BIKES) and we were able to teach a lesson!! We had to drop her a transfer ago because it seems that she was refusing to progress spiritually; but we had an amazing lesson where she talked about when she had felt the Spirit and that she DOES want to know that this is the truth!! We're teaching her again tomorrow:)
   Also the choro they just found a 金人 golden person who is fluent in English and they want us to teach her with them! So excited :) Heavenly Father is belling us and the work is picking UP here!!

The random Adventures from this week:
I got an amusing bout of illnesses which took me out pretty hard a couple of days!
B Shimai finally had a battle with gravity as well today and biffed it on her bike (but she's fine - she's tough - makes a trainer proud!
After we emailed last week we did kaimono (shopping) and came home and... the apartment door wouldn't unlock. It's a digital combination lock. We'd type in the code, and it'd beep but then it'd start flashing and wouldn't unlock. So we called District Leader Captain Mc
 Choro. He had no idea. So we called the Honbu headquarters. I talked to a very suprised K shimai (sister) who handed the phone to a very suprised K choro (elder) who connected us with a likewise--suprised--Y choro elder. We called other suprised Nihonjin Japanese people who called US back, calling themselves the Kagi Kyukyusha--literally: The Key/Lock Ambulance. Then we went downstairs to wait for the Key/Lock Ambulance and sat in the flowerbed--eating bread, writing letters and looking completely homeless. Then up pulls a little white car 3 little Japanese men in blue jackets pop out (calling themselves the Kagi Kyukyusha) and annouced they were there to rescue us--which they did and fixed our door for no charge. It was a twist to the usual Preparation day for sure.
I haven't slept for about a transfer so I got a new pillow and the Honbu headquarters ordered me real blankets so now I'm warm :)
But that was about how our week was! Heavenly Father has blessed us SO greatly!! Keep looking and praying for opportunities to help the work; I promise Heavenly Father will answer your prayers!
Love love LOVE,

Orgill Shimai
P.S. -- Attached are my NEW PILLOW and I, and we FINALLY got permission to get rid of the filthy rug in our study room. Underneath it was.... SAND. Like LOTS OF SAND.

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