Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 31--"How did her bike even slip? It's not even ic---".....Biffed it again this week

Last Monday! Got a new investigator!!! O san is a very forgetful 60 year old with great faith in God. She loves sumo and baseball. Her apartment has no heating. She said she'd come to church and then she forgot. But we LOVE her and are ready to help her come unto Christ:)
   Today! We had to drop I san about a transfer ago because it seems like she wasn't progressing in her faith and she was busy but we visited her today and shared the inspired-messages from mine and B Shimai's personal studies today and from our companionship study yesterday about the importance of prayer and the Holy Ghost! It was miraculous that the Spirit had prepared us to share what she needed to hear.  I learned the importance of studying and strengthening our OWN doctrinal knowledge and testimony so we are prepared to go out and help others do the same. We have an appointment to meet her next week, and she has committed to read 3 Ne 13 and start praying again. It is so great to be a part of this great work!
   We got to do a split with H shimai on her last day of dendo contacting before she went home, and it was fun (we finally got to split in Kamisugi!) She served here for a while so we got to talk to mutual investigators, LAs, and friends. She's an incredible missionary. With that came TRANSFERS! K shimai became a trainer too! I shimai is her new bean- and she is a CHEF. Seriously her food is fabulous. I'm glad we didn't lose that with N shimai being transferred up to Hirosaki! The apartment is a little lonelier now, and a lot more quiet. But we still have fun:)
   We went to (insanely overpriced) Italian pizza with A san and the zone leaders this week- he basically just talked the whole time about cheese and the year of the horse and his "diet" (apparently it includes drinking the cheese sauce out of a dish)- but it was interesting.
   I got a call this week from a less active we visited once with ward member S san and sang for her. Apparently she likes me a lot. She called me to tell me (in DETAIL) about her family situation (DV) and her depression. And then she said, "オーギル姉妹、あなたを愛してます。Orgill Shimai, I love you" Like just straight up I love you- something that Japanese people DO NOT say. But we'll do our best to help her- she really, really likes gaijin foreign/white sisters. We're doing our best to help her and help those whose heads are hanging down...but it's hard to see sometimes.
   Another Orgill Shimai fail- I saw B shimai's bike swing all crazy and her stop looking shocked and I giggled, thinking that at least it wasn't me to fall this time and now at least we both had one and BAM!! I hit the same patch of ice and went DOWN. Talk about FAIL.
  M CHORO!!! After going my whole mission without seeing my homie from the MTC, M choro and his temporary companion bought the wrong bus ticket to Misawa and came to Sendai instead!! And I could not have been more stoked!!! He's such a great missionary!
  There's a great picture of me and T kyoudai brother coming your way. I asked him where he got his hat. He said it was a Christmas gift. Whoever gave it to him has EXCELLENT TASTE.
  My dear friend C (Chinese), our new LA friend who has become reactivated has to go back to China because her VISA is expiring:( Sad day, sad day!

   In my reading recently, I came across 4 Ne 1:16. "And there could not be a happier people among all the people who had been created by the hand of God" after describing how everyone was righteous! When we obey the commandments and love God, we are happier than we could ever try to be on our own.
It's such a privilege to serve in this work. Whenever I think that this work is hard; I remember 2 Kings 6:16. Check it out!

Love you mucho, stay classy!:)


Orgill Shimai
Elders and Sisters, with investigators

Winter selfie

Sponge cake
Brother T's excellent hat

Elder M!!!!

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