Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 30--"So when I read the Book of Mormon and I feel an answer to my prayers even though it's not written, that's the Spirit?"

Yes it is you 金人 (golden person, meaning a perfect investigator)!! T is such an incredible investigator. This week Heavenly Father blessed us a TON. Truly.

     "The 4th Missionary" talk by Lawrence C. Corbridge is one that you- ALL OF YOU- should read. It answered my prayers. This week was a turning point in my mission. In District meeting K choro elder gave us that talk. Although up til now I've been working hard on my mission, I didn't understand why I sometimes felt so conflicted and unhappy; on paper I was doing everything right. But I realized that I had many of the attributes of the 3rd missionary (read it and you'll know!); I was holding my head out of the work, and my heart from the Lord. I don't just want to do what is right; I want to do so joyfully! I have promised the Lord that I will consecrate myself to His purposes, and I feel so happy! The Spirit flows more freely and I can enjoy more of its presence. I now ask myself every hour of every day if what I'm doing or thinking is what Christ would do; and it has shifted my whole perspective:) 
   I am grateful to K choro and his inspired guidance over this district that I have enjoyed these past 2 transfers. He is a fantastic missionary! Can't believe he's going home on Friday...our district has gotten some serious changes with yesterday's transfer calls! H to the distant land of Izumi, N shimai to join her trainer and my BEST FRIEND K in Hirosaki, and K shimai is training the ONE INCOMING MISSIONARY- a Nihonjin shimai Japanese sister missionary. WHY HAS SHE ONLY HAD NIHONJIN Japanese COMPANIONS. 不公平 Injusticeーーーー。But I'll stop complaining now; I'm so happy to have B shimai! Here's one of many reasons why:

    My companion wanted to ring one random doorbell as we were walking down a street (last time that happened he turned into an investigator) and she was a wonderful woman who talked to us for 20 minutes and is now a potential investigator (PI)! And as we were talking to her, the other PI who had just pretended like they weren't home came walking out with her dogs (awkward) and so we learned in a fast effective way that she actually had no interest! Small blessing actually.

We did a split in Morioka!! And by the grace of Heavenly Father (and the kind Morioka 人 people) We were able to find our way there! The bus system? INSANE. It was SO FUN to be able to do a split with M SHimai from my MTC district who is STL now!! We had some great streeting opportunities.

How we found Y san- Referrals= THE BEST. Second one I've gotten on my mission- and they make a WOLRD of difference! We started out only being able to have lunch with Na shimai's friend Y-san (to my companion's relief they're both essentially fluent in English). And at first she was very closed and just said that we see things differently because we're American and so that's why religion is normal to us, but over time the Spirit was working on her- and we ended up having a 3.5 hour discussion where she shared a Spiritual experience that she had had a few years back and that she certainly believes that there is a Spirit world and forces from the other side that protect us. Now just getting her to understand that that protection is from our loving Heavenly Father is he next step:) She really likes us and we're already planning the next time we can meet- and who made this all happen and prompted the conversation in the right direction?? Na shimai. Not just because she is a saint; but because with members is how the Lord intends us to build Zion.

The work is picking up here. Mc choro elder shared with us this week what R kaicho president had told him as he was being transferred here- "Kamisugi hasn't had a baptism in a long while. I've sent some of this mission's strongest missionaries there to change that." He meant Mc choro. He also meant K shimai and K choro and me and the rest of us! And great things are happening. We're teaching lessons. We're finding investigators. M has agreed to be baptized, and he says once his family comes they will too. T has great faith and is praying to know if God wants her to be baptized. Please pray for her and pray for us as we try to follow the Spirit.

Exciting times, people! Remember the Lord sees every little thing we do to aid in building Zion, and he loves us no matter what!!

Love you! 

Orgill Shimai
Pictures from Hatachi from last week

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