Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 27--Christmas in Sendai Dec 29th

I feel like I don't have much to say because I told you everything on Skype this week!! But here are the highlights and what has happened since we Skyped (which made my YEAR by the way!)

A kabuki theater man cross-dressing as a woman got handsy as we were taking a picture with him. NOT pleased.

I hit some black ice on the way to church yesterday and know have a bruised knee, bruised shoulder socket(?), scraped and bruised elbow and bruised pride, but what can you do! I pity the missionaries up North that can't bike at all- now I understand why.

We were very busy this week, and we went up to Miyagi dai on the really snowy day. I had to pee SO BAD. But you CAN'T go at member's houses because it's rude. And we're up in the middle of Northern NOWHERE soo things were getting pretty desperate (I threatened my bean that I would pee in the snow in some random alleyway if it got to it--I'm still not sure if I was serious) but it turned out that it was REALLY EFFECTIVE streeting. PMG says talk to everyone? We. Talked. To. EVERYONE. (Also EVERYONE was walking a dog so there was that bonus too!) Did we find a bathroom closer than a kilometer away? No. But did we get to help our new friend Hiro shovel his driveway and share truths of the Gospel? Yes. And did Orgill Shimai pee her pants? Nay. Nay verily. We visited all of the members in Miyagi dai area, and last we went to the H's home where they said,

"We were out searching for you!! Where have you been?? Come in!!"
So we walk in and realized we have walked into an immense family dinner with the R Family. Instead of taking the bus (it was late) R shimai sister offered us a ride with them back down South. Then Kaicho turned to me and said, "We'll leave in half an hour. That means you've got half an hour." You can bet your booty that this trainer was out of her seat and housing and streeting with her companion faster than you can say "righteous living." And in that half an hour? We found another great family who are friends with some of the members and are now our strong P.I.s.  Talk about BLESSINGS. 

Oh, and I had a bit of a Japanese fail the other day. At a stoplight we were talking to this guy about being missionaries and he asked where our "go-chushin" was (like the center of our mission home, but who the heck asks like that anyway) And I heard "go-shujin" which means head of the household a.k.a. our husbands so I quickly informed him that we're single and that we don't have husbands and he just looked really confused and a little creeped out and said "I didn't mean that" and left on his bike. Talk about AWKWARD. B shimai about died laughing when I explained what had gone down. Ah well, at least he knows missionaries are single!

Ohhh the Fashion!
But this week was great, Christmas was...not very Christmasy, and the work goes on! I'm thankful that Heavenly Father is guiding us in this work. There are random points in the day when I can feel so vividly His hand guiding us in where we go or who we talk to (but we usually don't recognize it until after). Have a great New Year, we'll be going to the shrine with some non-members, cleaning like crazy people, and eating mocha!
Orgill Shimai

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