Sunday, December 22, 2013

Week 24--Sendai, Japan

Yes, the inevitable. I, 4th transfer gaijin foreigner Orgill Shimai, am training a new bean- 99% sure that she's gaijin. But I'm way stoked! And if I learned anything from J-Shimai (and trust me; I did.) it was that I'm capable of being a trainer! Well, as far as the language goes at least. Buuut T-shimai and my phone is only in Japanese (no dual language setting) sooo....I'm learning kanji fast. I'm actually most worried about being bike leader every day (no joke, the map is legitimately the only thing that worries me.) But if I have learned anything thus far; it is that Heavenly Father ALWAYS answers my prayers and that He trusts me! (I've also learned He has a sense of humor, but that's another story.)
My selfish concern is that without a Nihonjin doryo Japanese companionship, I'm not learning Japanese as fast as I want. But heck; Whittle choro is 12th transfer and he's only ever had 2 nihojin Japanese and he's the most fluent guy out here other than Kim choro! But selfishly I don't want that to happen to me. I'm just like, "Noooooo! GIVE ME ALL THE NIHONJIN!!!" But, with the Lord's help, I'll learn either way. Now I translate one way or the other every single day and it's great practice.
Not much to say about this week- our investigators have been busy and we've done lots of housing. I've been giving a lot of thought to what kind of trainer I want to be. We had a lot of dinners with members saying goodbye to T-shimai and I've had a lot of chances to bear my testimony. In a mogi lesson with N-shimai, she told us about on her mission where her and her comp fasted for 4 DAYS STRAIGHT. Which is insane and now against the rules. BUT. Miracles came from it for them; including 3 or 4 immediate baptisms. No worries; I'm not about to get crazy. But what I've honestly learned is that the more we sacrifice, the greater the blessings. No wonder not one soul from the Martin and Willie handcart company fell away after they reached the Salt Lake Valley. Heavenly Father sees ALL of our sacrifices and ALL of our obedience, and He blesses us for it.
I love you all mucho!! Have a great week, and wish me luck as a trainer<3
Orgill Shimai

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