Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 22--Sendai, Japan

Well, you couldn’t find a place in the mission more opposite than Aomori. I hear crosswalks beeping and taxis driving all night long, I sleep on a bed (well, a bunk with a futon on it), and the accent is entirely different (as in, they speak like normal Japanese people!) My companion, T-Shimai, is the BOMB. Oh my goodness I’m so lucky. She's from Kanagawa-ken, she's 23, this is her LAST TRANSFER, she's already been in Kamisugi for 6 months, and SHE IS THE NICEST PERSON OF ALL TIME. She also doesn't speak English. Let me give you the low-down on my situation right quick. 6 shimai tachi sisters in one smallll apt. How do we do it? Magic. Anddddd 4 of them are Nihonjin. And K-Shimai is insanely jozu skilled speaker (also from my doki training group) and I'm so glad to have her!! Sometimes a little English is nice after you've been babbled at for 4 hours by obaachans grandmas...which has happened to me 3 times so far. The Ward (yes WARD) is HUGE and they’re SO NICE and fam, if M-kyodai adds me on Facebook and you accept, I'm sure you'll see at least 5 THOUSAND pictures and videos of me. He's not active but he LOVES the missionaries. The members are so amazing. And I CAN FINALLY SEND PICTURES YAYYYY!!!! I wanna tell you about everyone in my district but I also wanna send pictures!! T-shimai is a bad-booty. She rides her (MOUNTAIN) bike with no hands and is absolutely the kindest sister in the mission.
  So holy 5 months that I’ve been out!! Unreal. Missions go by too fast. We went to Matsushima for P Day and went on a ferry to see all the little islands. So much fun! It was technically in Tagajo's area! Kamisugi is geographically SUCH a small area compared to Aomori! If I trip, I'm out of boundaries!! But HOLY MOMMA OF INCLINE. We biked for a straight hour to our investigator's house today- up a MOUNTAIN. But man was it fun coming back, and my goodness was she worth it. The spirit was so strong. She just miscarried what would have been her first child and she is so heartbroken. We're helping her to realize that through the gospel that things will be alright and that with an eternal perspective, the hard things in life are handled with more ease. We have so many great investigators here that WANT to believe, and goodness knows that as Alma taught if you only have a desire to believe; it can work into a sure knowledge of the truths of Heavenly Father' s restored church. I told her that's how my testimony came. It wasn't until I realized that I wanted to believe and wanted to know that these things were true and was willing to put in the effort if they were that my answer came. This gospel changes lives; and I wouldn't be in Japan working my hardest if it didn't. Love you much!!

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