Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 16 -- Aomori, Japan

Hello hello!
Another week in paradise- if paradise is typhoons, stares, delicious apples and dendo prospecting!
This week has been...interesting. I wrote everything out that I wanted to say and then I left it at the apartment....fail. Well, a lot of it was pretty dang memorable so you'll get most of it.
First and foremost: Brother H-- THANK YOU for your referral. It was the first referral I've had my entire time here, and O-san is the BOMB. He wants all your info so he can drop you a note! He's a brilliant man (and his English is WAY GOOD!) We asked him about what he remembered about what "Rick" had taught him 20 years ago (and by the way he is SUCH a tattletale!! Brother H you were CRAZY wanpaku naughty, mischievous!!:) And so he went inside and brought out his Morumon Sho Book of Mormon!! The best thing he said in the whole hour and a half that we talked to him was this: "If I didn't think this book was important, if I didn't think it had value, I would have thrown it away all those years ago. But I didn't. I think this book is important. I turn to it every so often for advice." DING DING. Sir, are you aware that that is a perfect answer? Because it absolutely is. We're following up this week and we're well on our way to being good friends with him!
Something that really strengthened my testimony this week is using EVERY MINUTE of the very short time we are given to be missionaries. Sister J and I sped-walked to the church, and so we were there 7 minutes early. It's not close to any super populous areas, and we've housed knocked doors everywhere around it, but we took off walking. Out of the 4 people we met in those seven minutes, 3 were open to the message, 2 are potential investigators, and one now has a Book of Mormon. I hope you understand that by Japan's standards, THAT IS NOT NORMAL. The Lord was blessing us insanely for using His time to the best of our ability. This is something I'm learning with J Shimai- we KILL ourselves working and we waste NO time. She's hardcore in a very, very different way from Y Shimai. She's way bomb at streeting, which is probably my weakest point. The language is hard for her, so I’m learning how to speak as fast as I can to set up appointments with people and get their info without creeping them out or insulting them, etc... But we're all just trying our best and relying on the Lord.
   The really strange thing that happened was on Saturday when we went to visit a less-active member. He wasn't home, but his sister was. She's 47 and very, very mentally sick as we later learned from her (also crazy) mother. She was incredibly anorexic and cold, and then she like put out her hands towards me and collapsed on me, holding me like a child holds their mother...she is grabbing onto me, resting her head on my chest and is about to faint. Oh My Awkward!  That's when the mom came out and said "She's insane. She is depressed. She's anorexic. Look how skinny and cold she is. She's gonna die soon, but we don't know when, so we all just joke about it."  It left us feeling terrible! After that incident, we went back to our apartment and prayed for comfort. Then we got a call from President Rasmussen. He was calling for J Shimai, who left Morioka 4 days before her investigator was baptized. She picked up the phone. It was Hi-chan, her newly-baptized friend. She cried she was so happy! It just reminded me that there is always a light at the end of our dark tunnels, no matter how brief my tunnel was. The Lord cares about us so individually, and He will always answer our prayers if we but ask Him! 
Also it's a new rule about music that I can’t practice my ukulele except on P Day Preparation Day (even though I bought it for the work) which is pretty heartbreaking to me. But perfect obedience brings miracles and we CERTAINLY need miracles right now. Whitewashing again finding people in a new area... Dad, there’s no opportunity that we've found to help pick apples, but they’re DELICIOUS. Ah I’m dying!
            So the work keeps on keeping on, I’m KILLING myself working so hard, my new companion is VERY DIFFERENT from my last companions and we have a lot we need to work on, and when we are obedient and worthy, God truly gives us miracles.
Peace and love y'all
Orgill Shimai

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