Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 14 -- Aomori, Japan

Hello hello!!!! Just another wonderful day in the suzushii cool weather Aomori! My goodness I love it here.

So you know what I've realized?? Missions go by too too fast. Yoneda Choro (my Nihonjin Zone Leader bestie) goes home next week. We're all pretty bummed about it; I think he could stay on a mission forever. SO I wanna tell you about my split to Morioka this week!
Every month, the 3 STLs in the mission have to go to Sendai for training, so Morgan Shimai and I got dropped off in Morioka with the other STL's 2 bean chans: Gass Shimai (Nihonjin haffu half-Japanese) and Johnson Shimai (6'2 blonde). So it was basically A PARTY. We did chirashi kubari leaflet distribution all together with Gass Shimai (Music major at BYU-violin) on ukulele and her and me on vocals making up some sweet harmonies. And boy did we JAM. Best thing? We would make up songs about the people around us with them having absolutely no clue of it. "Ma’am I really like your dress, its super cute but there’s no way I could wear that on my missioooooooon". And the greatest part? It was SO EFFECTIVE. Everyone's all like, oh English, what? Or That’s soo cool!!! And so they actually want to come to Eikaiwa English class and talk to us!! Great missionary opportunities. Which is why I’m bringing ONGAKU CHIRASHI KUBARI musical leaflet distribution to Aomori!!! Wooohooo! Buying a ukulele TODAY and learning to play it TODAY.  So excited for the opportunities this holds!! Okay so on with the Morioka experience. We decided I would be doryos companions with Johnson Shimai (6'2, mind you..). Can you say GAIJIN Foreigner POWER?! People would literally stop their cars in the middle of the street to stare at us. And moreover, one of the creepiest things that has happened to me YET happened. We were doing dendo street contacting and I hear someone running behind me. Then this man comes up, out of breath and says "Please...mail me? OK?" I panicked and said "Come to Eikaiwa! English class" And handed him a pamphlet before he ran away. I looked down at the business card. He had written "Please mail me?" and highlighted his email address. Johnson Shimai DIED laughing. Yep, better believe that that sir will NOT be getting mailed by a certain Orgill Shimai. But, his meishi business card is taped in my journal to recall the creepers of Morioka! With our gaijin power we also had some serious miracles.
So as bean chans new missionaries it was kind of scary doing dendo street contacting, but the Lord was certainly on our side. We only had about an hour and a half to do housing dendo. In that time we found 2 strong Potential Investigators. With no Nihonjin native Japanese, with no help but the Lord's. At one point one of the PIs and ojiichan grandpa (of course, always the ojiichans) gets all close in my face and says "Why are you laughing??" And I replied, "Because I have no clue what you just said!!" But it was a great time and I’ll get a chance to go back to Morioka next month and hopefully visit both of them. For both of the PIs I was able to do all of the talking and setting up of appointments and everything (with the help of the Lord, my goodness!!) and it made me feel much less nervous if I do end up having to become a trainer at the end of my training. With the Lord's help, we can do anything because 'all things are possible to them that believe'.  And Allison, I LOVED Johnson shimai!! Why?? Because she reminded me SO MUCH OF YOU!! We got along smashingly and she was just so cute and funny!! Which reminds me- will you watch August Rush for me? Morgan Shimai has that music and we listen to it almost every day and it reminds me of you because I remember you teaching me about the motif throughout the movie from when you were taking AP Music Theory! Little things remind me every day of my beloved friends and family!
So I mentioned I loved serving here. I DO! But we volunteered to clean out the chorotachis elders apartment after they moved somewhere else this week, and HOLY MAMA OF MESSY. I legitimately discovered a cockroach. NOT a fan. But that apt has been a choro apt for a long time so can’t blame our senkyoshi brothers entirely I guess!

So some questions! Jonathan, how are classes??? Study hard for Japanese;) But seriously hahaha! John Shumway- how were your first exams?? Mom- did you get the bear situation figured out??

OK, a couple of QUICK THINGS before anyone falls asleep!!
Do you know our famous oatmeal cookie recipe by heart?? Please send me the amounts of ingredients so I’m sure I’m doing it right!!
I’m buying a ukulele for passing out English flyers and I would love to get some easy chord music (for the ukulele) but I can’t look them up as a missionary! If by next week you can send me some easy, 4 or 5 chord popular current music songs that would be great! I’ll find SOME WAY to print them. I’ll send ideas for the songs later! Thank you much!
And Mom, I’m so glad your ride went so well, I was praying hard for your safety!!!

And we have 3 PIs I wanted to tell you about! Well, "PIs" They’re 3 guys, 20, 20 and 18 and we think they’re a bit more interested in shimaitachi sister missionaries than in the gospel. But the really nice 18 year old tried to HUG me. I about died and panicked haha. But we hope they’ll have some more interest in the gospel and that my 18 yr old friend Yuuki’s parents will be less hantai opposed because he actually has interest in our message! I don’t have time for the Makino Shimai death scare story or the SUPER awkward massage mogi practice lesson, but I’ll write to the parents this week and hopefully they can add it in once they get the letter!!

And finally, something I’ve realized is so great is NATural finding (see what I did there?) Missionary work isn’t about running up to people and getting in their face saying "I have a message about Jesus Christ"; rather it is loving people and showing them through our own lives the fruits of living the gospel. And how do we share the gospel? We invite. Whether it be to a temple open house or seminary or an ice blacking ward activity. We share it with our friends and family because it is precious to us and we love them and want them to have that selfsame happiness. Sharing the gospel doesn’t have to be hard or scary- show people through your kindness and your actions how the knowledge that a Heavenly Father loves you and that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world has impacted your life. As a missionary, I’m clearly much more straightforward about the message, but still just showing your kindness and happiness to people and offering to help is the ideal way to become like the Savior and better preach his gospel.  It’s sure a good thing that I love the people here so much then!

Peace and blessings until next week,
The pantsless wonder,

Orgill Shimai

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