Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 12-- Aomori, Japan

Woohoo! Week 3 in Japan. I can’t believe I’m almost 3 months into my mission. The days drag, the weeks fly. trippy!! So I’m writing at lightning speed because we have like NO TIME to email, but guess who left a note on my bike today?!!!?!? MICHAEL JUCHAU!! And we’re meeting them after email time Yoshikawa shimai knows him too!! Wooo. (Michael is an old friend from San Jose who served in the same mission last year and is there with his family on vacation).
So this week we went to Hirosaki again, and this next week we’re going to Akita for 3 days where my bestie King choro is! Way excited!
Thank you Hailey for your letter, I really needed it and it lifted my spirits!!
We found 2 great college students this week, but unfortunately we can’t meet with them because both of their parents are hantai opposed. So sad. One guy even chased us down to give his daughters BoM back. I just hope they cross paths with the gospel later in life. Speaking of which- This week I saw a real, live miracle. We were on the train to Hirosaki. A lady smiled at us, we smiled back. She came over and said- You’re missionaries, aren’t you? Thank you for your service, and thank you for coming to my country to serve my people- in flawless English! Her name is Carol, she’s from Aomori but lives in NYC. She’s a piano teacher and has performed in Carnegie 9 TIMES. And she’s an amazing Christian woman. We talked the whole 40 minutes and gave her a BoM. That woman is getting baptized, I’m callin’ it now! She was so uplifting. Love her! She hopes to see us again next summer:)
I don’t know if I’ve told you about our 1 investigator, but she’s the CUTEST (Al, you would LOVE her) She’s at least one million years old (like 80 or 90) and she is hyaku pacento (100 %) toothless! Whenever she wants to make an emphasis (which is a lot) she looks at me and says in her toothless way; DESU NE??!  Am I right/Isn’t it so?!  And then she laughs at her own joke haha! She’s sweet and very, very bright. Love our sweet Sano san, even if she’s an hour bike ride away!

Oh so funny fails!! After emailing last week, we rode a looong way to the store. And it started to rain. No; not rain, pour. And then not pour but MONSOON. As Morgan Shimai is my witness, I looked like Voldemort on a BAD DAY. I thought I got stared at a lot BEFORE!
Additionally, the most embarrassing moment of my ENTIRE LIFE occurred. We were at church and had all come out of the bathroom and were just chatting with people. Suddenly the super awkward ward clerk came up behind me, muttering in rapid Japanese and appearing to try to promenade me like a bull with his suit coat. I was so confused as to what he was doing until Morgan Shimai shouted, OH!! And yanked my skirt OUT OF THE TOP OF MY UNDIES.  I ABOUT DIED. I wanted to cry hahaha. So so so terrible. Now the poor man can’t look me in the eyes!

Mom I was so embarrassed I seriously wanted to bawl!! And you keep kicking bad guy's booties!! (I chased off some would-be thieves trying my car doors at 4am in front of the house).  I’m so proud of you for losing 12 pounds!!

So we had a 'Primary Activity' on Saturday; which was maybe 5 children and then the rest of the ward! So much fun!! I just love the sweet branch members. Pictures to come (in the mail in a million years!) So a big problem of mine is sometimes people talk so fast I don’t know when they’re complimenting me or something! At the activity, this beautiful lady in our branch told me, 'Moderu mitai' at which I just smiled and said 'Hai!' Yes.  And then I thought about it. Oh no, iie iie!! No, no!  She'd told me I looked like a model, and I agreed bahaha. FAIL! People think I’m so pretty here!  It’s actually kind of a bummer, they tell me my white skin is beautiful and I’m all like DANG IT, I thought I was tan!!

Yeah, so apparently Rasmussen Kaicho doesn’t like to transfer a lot so I’ll be here well into the winter!! OH ALSO, there’s a fair chance I’m training once I’m done being trained. A goooood chance. Terrified haha! But really, everyone is so shocked with how good my Nihongo Japanese is and I’m just trying my best to talk with EVERYONE and get out of my comfort zone. Best way to learn is through making mistakes; as long as they don’t include skirts getting tucked into undies, that is.
So on Thursday while we were housing I got 'Come Follow Me' stuck in my head (sasuga missionaries, I know) and I started thinking about how all the Savior has asked us to do is simply follow Him. He has paved the way, lighted the path, AND offers His hand to guide us. 'Many will fall away because of the easiness of the way'. The path of righteousness is so simple. I promise as the Savior promised that if we but follow Him in every way, trying to become like Him and being baptized by someone holding God's priesthood authority as John the Baptist did, that we will be blessed in this life and in the life to come more than we currently have the capacity to comprehend. He knows us, and He will shoulder our burdens with us if we but ask him. We don’t have to become perfect or entirely worthy before we ask His help; He will ALWAYS be there to help us with EVERY trial. I know from my own life and from the testimonies of the amazing members here. This work is hard; but as Allison reminded me, that's why it is missionary 'work'.

I love you all!!

Orgill Shimai

So sometimes when we get Natalie’s letter, we immediately write back and have a little chat.  Here are the rest of the random tidbits from those quick emails back and forth:
And I just got my glasses fixed!! The mission funds cover rent and food and nothing else. The 2 purchases were for my jishou electronic translation dictionary and its case. I have some extra money for postage stamps and stuff!
And I am SOO buying Baskin Robbins ice cream today:) the rest of the aisu (aisu is short for aisu kurimu, or ice cream) here is straight NASTY. I think I’ve lost a couple pounds already haha!
The best thing here: The apple juice (BUT NOT THE APPLE VINEGAR) and the okonomiyaki omlet at Fukushi Shimais house that we made!! Mmm yummy!! Oh and we did the somen noodle slide thing!! Look it up if you’ve never seen it!! Sooo fun!
In response to a question about who does the cooking in the apartment: All of us, but mostly Y shimai! Yep I’m learning! She’s not very patient in anything, so I learn fast!
PS. The chocolate here is ATROCIOUS.

I only have a minute left, but I love you tons!! Love ya millions, I think I’ll write y’all another letter today with PICTURES!!  Alrighty ‘til next week!! Write me!!!

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