Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 11 -- Aomori, Japan

Well hello family and friends!!! Just another day living the life in Aomori!! Whitewashing is way hard (a LOTTTT of dendo door knocking) and we get a lot of doors shut in our face, but at least they’re polite about it!! (Whitewashing means starting fresh; no investigators, no nothing.) Legitly the other day this woman said 'chotto kekko.' Choto kekko??? How can you KIND OF no thank you??  No idea. Somehow, she managed it. So I’ll try to give a general background about what’s going on and try to answer everyone’s questions. The biking is CRAZY (literally the sketchiest roads of my LIFE) and the roads are tiny!! We went to make okonomiyaki Japanese omlet and teach a mogi new member lesson to a sweet member the other day, and her home is a 50 minute bike ride away...through the hills....both ways. My booty still hasn’t recovered!! But yea SO MUCH BIKING. Like Al said, I don’t look like I came back from biking; I look like I’m coming back from swimming. But the weather’s lightening up, it’s nice!!! People keep warning us BIG TIME about the snow here in Aomori. SO excited!!!  So I think I mentioned that Yoshikawa shimai is Sister Training Leader, so we go on exchanges weekly. LOTS of travel. We went to Hirosaki and I got to go to the castle!! Way sweet. Pictures to come!! 

As far as the language, my understanding is definitely improving!! At least now when were dendoing contacting I know when I’ve been shut down! Speaking of which, there’s this terrible phenomena that literally the only people that are interested in our message are what I have named PANTSLESS WONDERS. Once a shirtless wonder, but typically pants is the department they’re lacking in. It is legitimately SO AWKWARD haha. Like how is that acceptable?! No idea. Speaking of kind of socially unacceptable, THE FOOD. Today we and the chorotachi elders and a kyudosha investigator went to this place where you have a rice bowl and then you choose the sashimi (raw fish) that you want. What I ate: Raw- Squid, fish eggs, Tako octopus, a whole crawfish, salmon, live urchin, and WHALE. Yes, WHALE. Dripping, bloodied whale meat. Again, pictures to come. So gross, I wouldn’t recommend it. But you only mission once! The language is getting much better. I love the people and LOVE the members. (They feed us maybe once every two or three weeks!) I've been eating lots of dried squid (yum!) and partying it up!!
Speaking of which, we should be getting AC this week!!! And no we go to the mall next to the eki train station, to use the computers!
I’m sorry I don’t have time for much, these computers have time limits as well!!  I actually don’t know when we’ll email every week, probably around this time though. But GUESS WHAT my great idea is?!?! I have 2 SD cards with ALOT of memory (the computers here CANNOT send pictures....boooo) So I’m going to send you the one full of pictures in a letter!!! And then you can wipe it, record a little video, and send it back!!! WOOO!!
But I love you all and I thank you for your prayers. The language is coming along and I’m starting to make the switch where I can understand more than I can say. The work is hard; but all things that are valuable have to be worked for. Love you all!

Orgill Shimai

Oh one more thing for the email!!! I was using my gaijin foreigner power and these girls like bowed to me as they passed and one of them said, Mecchya kirei!! Which means like super pretty. BOOYAH!

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  1. AWESOME!! What a great experience you are having - and you are totally rocking that bike I'll bet! You are mecchya kirei even when riding uphill and dripping in sweat! Part of the joy of missionary work is smiling through it and persevering even if you've been shut down. It's a whole new technique! Just pretend you have no idea they are dissing you, keep talking and wear them down!