Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 10/11 Letter

My dearest family!  I hope you’re all doing quite well!  In this letter I hope to include more detail on my mission up until now and hopefully some pictures!  Aomori is excellent.  Rasmussen Kaicho President is a man called of God and he is very inspired when he assigns our calls.  He’s really great.  So I’m doryos companions with Morgan and Yoshikawa Shimai.  So excellent.  Both of our Japanese is pretty good, and she can speak English as a last resort.  We all get along well and we always have so much fun together.  We have no investigators, so we do a lot of finding.  It’s getting less terrifying, but I still try hard to never get discouraged.  What helps me the most is utter faith that this is God’s work because these are His children, so I can do the best I can and let Him set the expectations.  But man, I love being on a mission.   This is a super super excellent district. 
I’m trying to learn as fast and as much as I can.  I’m so tired every night that I am out the second I lay down.  I don’t remember trying to fall asleep a single time.  I adjusted magnificently to the time change and the flights were bomb!  Lots of sleeping and noms food!  Speaking of noms, I eat ikka dried squid almost every single day!  Today we went “Viking” = all you can eat!  Haha!  We went with K-kun, a less active who loves the senkyoshi missionaries but doesn’t really love the commandments.  But he’s so sweet and we’re friends already!  The kyokaiin members are truly amazing in our branch.  There’s a lot of mental sickness up here in the north.  Yoshikawa Shimai theorizes it’s because of how much snow is here.  It actually snows here so much that we can’t ride our bikes at all in the furu winter, we walk everywhere!  Kind of stoked!  Aomori’s certainly changed a bit since Dad was here.  But man, some people’s accent is hopeless to understand!  There’s this family in our branch and the father came up and started talking to Morgan Shimai and I, half eigo English and half Japanese.  I kid you not, he dropped the “S” bomb 5 times!  Like yelling it!  I didn’t know golf was permitted in churches!!! (When golfing one day years ago, Natalie let slip a swear word on the putting green.  Swearing has been “golf language” at our home ever since.) But I’m loving life and learning a lot and working my butt off.  Gaijin foreigner power for the win!  If this letter doesn’t have pictures, then I’m sorry and you’ll get them a week from when you receive this! 
I love you tons!  I loved your emails and pictures.  I’m loving being out here.  (I’m so used to seeing Asians that when I saw a white lady today, I semi-panicked!)  I’m glad you’re doing well.  Tell Grandpa he’s in my prayers.
Heian to shukufuku  Peace and Blessings
Orgill Shimai

So I clearly didn’t send this last week!  I wanted to send pictures with it.  This week was hard, straight up tracting all day with no investigators feels kind of unproductive at times.  But life is good!  Dad, I didn’t have many expectations coming in, it’s much as I thought it would be!  I understand more than I thought I would, but I still have a long way to go!  The Lord has blessed me so richly while I’ve been here.  I just got back from biking through an enormous rainstorm.  We’re talking mini-monsoon.  So cool!  Soaked to the bone and feeling like a bad booty!  I didn’t have much coinage for pictures, but I’m sending a few (also from the MTC’s end) that I thought you’d enjoy (particularly the castle and noms!)  Anyway, life is good and our companionship is great.  We are so obedient and so dependable, I feel honored Rasmussen Kaicho was inspired to put me in such a difficult area.  I’ve met some really kind people here (some even had pants!)  I love serving the Lord and I love the gospel.  Stay strong and keep doing good.
Love ya much!


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