Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 9 - Leaving the MTC for Japan

The Final Count Down~ Hello hello!

It's been a great final week at the MTC. I don't have much to say this week! Just making a lot of preparations for leaving on Monday morning (at 2:30 am!) Woohooo. Way excited! Love me some plane rides and layovers! If my Dad hasn't posted already, I fly out of Salt Lake at 6 to Dallas, have an hour 20 mins in between that and my 12.5 hour plane ride to Narita, Tokyo. Then a 5 hour layover then I'll be flying to Sendai! It's gonna be a long, fun-packed day!! Way excited! More nervous than is typical for me. But so ready.

Okay so easily the biggest highlight this week for me was hosting on Wednesday! I've heard internationals are lots of fun, so I did it. As the director is reading off the different internationals, he mentions that if anyone wants some extra language practice, they should volunteer if there's someone that speaks their MTC language. I knew there wouldn't be any Japanese because this isn't the week when they typically enter the MTC. Then he said, "We have one Japanese sister." My hand shot up like a Shinkansen Japanese bullet train. He led me out to where she stood timidly with her translator. I was SO EXCITED!!! You KNOW how much I love Nihonjin native Japanese!!! I went up to her and started babbling excitedly in Japanese. We started chatting and having a good old time. The translator looked at us, looked at the director, and said, "Yeah, she doesn't need me." and just walked away!! Party party for no awkward 3rd wheel translator!! So usually Japanese speak a decent amount of English, but not this Shimai!! So guess who was chatting in rapid Japanese?? US. I actually looked up at one point when we were outside the bookstore and a solid 25 senkyoshi missionaries were staring at me like, "Who is this white chick chatting away in Japanese?" Ahh such a party.

Another funny thing of this week! We were walking to devotional and these EFYers passed us and were like, "MISSIONARIES!!!" And so they started high fiving us 4 shimaitachi sisters, but then this one guy like straight up grabbed my arm instead! I fairly well panicked. Way uncomfortable. So we walk to the temple on Sundays, and there are always protesters outside yelling at us and saying some unkind things. I was called a "Joseph Smith robot"...that's a new one. But it was a terrible feeling so on the way back we sang "Nearer My God to Thee" and "I Need Thee Every Hour" The spirit was so strong and their jeers couldn't reach us. Heavenly Father will always bless his little ones as long as we are faithful!

Oh, and by the way, from here on out I will NOT and CANNOT receive ANY DearElders and no letters addressed to the MTC!! So if you want to write me, email me or write me a letter to the Sendai Mission!:)

Thank you Grandpa for the sweet letter!! And shoutout to Stratmandoo (Chris Stratford, former missionary companion of Dave)  for the great tips on Sendai! "Gomi Kusai" (literally, “stinky garbage” a Japanese play on words where a common greeting of “gomen kudasai” roughly “Hello, anybody home?” becomes shortened in a funny way) to you as well!

As I committed to myself, I finished the book of Mormon! It is so fantastic. I love it in Moroni 10 where he challenges us to ask God with real intent if it is true. I testify that I did that again and I know that it is a book written by ancient prophets of God. It teaches of Christ and aids us with the Bible in how to know how to become more like Him.  Also, I got my Japanese nametags. Yeah, and even though I told them IN JAPANESE how to spell it, they spelled it wrong! (hence the sad face in the picture! But it'll all get sorted out.

I ran into Carina and Cody on this their first week, it's lots of fun seeing them! Anyway sorry I'm super short on time today, I have to go pack and clean! It was an amazing week preparing me for an even crazier one to come!! Love you all, and next time you hear from me, I'll be in JAPAN!!!!!!

Orgill Shimai

P.S.- Mom- I'm sorry Dad's making you cry! (It doesn’t take much, he just mentions her travel plans and I puddle up).  Don't be worried about me- I'm just excited!! I'll be safe and be smart, and be the missionary the Lord wants me to be. Only 16 months left of waiting for ya;)
District 10 just about to ship out to Japan
Natalie with her companion, and a photobomber 
Her new nametag was almost right... it will be redone soon!
Natalie's English hymnal, and her dad's Japanese hymnal
Clark Shimai and Orgill Shimai

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