Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 10-- Aomori, Japan

Hey family!!!
I don’t have much time to email today, but know I love you all tons and I’m so grateful for yoursupport!! I’ll just give to the basics and write a more detailed letter home today.
I’m in Aomori, the furthest north place in my mission. Pretty hot, but we get AC next week!! Woohoo!!

We’re the first shimai tachi group of sisters in Aomori in a LONG time, so we have NO investigators. The members are so excited to have us!!! Love ‘em already. We’ve got lots of new friends, and we’ve met lots of crazzzyyy people. We do a lot of dendo street contacting because we have to find kyudosha investigators, and it can be disheartening at times because we get kekkoed no thank you’ed hundreds and hundreds of times. The one guy who expressed interest in our eikaiwa English language class wasn’t wearing pants bahaha!! Soo Kimazui Awkward!! Yeah, I often feel a lot like John Bonney (friend from BYU)  in the fact that legitimately the language I’ve studied and learned is NOT Aomori ben local dialect. But I love it and the Lord is blessing me so richly. Love my Genki excellent trainer!! We Paati haado!!! (party hard!!)
And yes, I’m still eating Ikka dried squid and I’ve made lots of new friends!! Japanese continues to come slowly but surely!!

In response to my question: Is your lovely melon protected with a helmet?  You know how much I care!!
Mom we’re missionaries OF COURSE we have helmets!! We can’t ride without them!

Yeah pictures don’t work on these computers. Boo. I’ve been told I have to print them off and send them home old school style. Next week we’ll try to find a library or something!

Man, but finding new kyudosha investigators is way difficult. I  have what they call gaijin power foreigner power. Basically to anyone in the younger generation I’m the kakoiest coolest person ever! So when they see me, I call out to them in English and they all just STOP. Like DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS.  Then while they’re still stunned you can slap them with a quick one minute testimony before they know what’s going on. All the nihonjin native Japanese wish they had gaijin power hahaha. I also have tall white chick blonde power, I’ve decided. I get stared at like no OTHA. But it’s all good, anything to have them listen!!
Love you all!!

Orgill Shimai
Natalie with President and Sister Rasmussen, plus her trainer (in the middle) and Sister Morgan, another new missionary.

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