Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 8 - MTC

The Konnichiest of wa's to you, minnasan!! (sorry, some Nat is not translatable).

This week was another fantastic week at the second best place on Earth (many people would correctly argue that temples are better; others would argue Disneyland...)!! I feel like I grew a ton spiritually and mentally (and NOT physically despite the MTC's best efforts to pack on the pounds!!) It was another week of testing and growth. We heard some amazing devotionals and had some fantastic lessons.  And, of course, some funny stuff happened as well:

We recently acquired pictures of all of the 12 apostles which is wonderful, but the problem is they have a bit of an attitude problem when it comes to sticking to the wall. In the middle of a really spiritual lesson with Fowers Sensei, he looks up and yells "OAKS CHORO BONSAI!!!!" right as Dallin H. Oaks went awol and took a header straight down toward Mantz choro. Poor Mantz choro doesn't understand a lot of Japanese unless it's spoken pretty slowly, so when he heard the yell, he was out of his seat and across the room faster than anyone I've ever seen. He looks around, panicked, and yells, "SPIDER?!?!" It was pretty great haha!
      Also Fowers Sensei was talking about a weird Japanese tradition he didn't know that they had until he lived there and his brother was born there- apparently it is custom for the parents to keep part of the umbilical cord of the baby in a box and give it to them at their wedding; so now, Mother and Father, I must ask you in all seriousness: Do you have a piece of my umbilical cord and are planning for a very rude joke at my wedding?! I'm pretty fearful at this point- Kindly tell me the answer is no!
   Also, when we were walking to the temple, I got to hold a sweet little puppy!! But as I was kneeling down reaaaaalllyyyyy slowly, I pulled my hamstring! FAIL. Speaking of kneeling, you'll be proud to know that I spent the ENTIRE HOUR of personal study Hizamasuite imashita kneeling Japanese style!!! Can I get a BOOYAH! (Oh, I guess I did physically progress a bit as well!) Except after, it was tricky to walk for a little bit. Ah, zanen too bad.

Alright, now for a couple of shoutouts-
CARINA!! I'm hosting this Wednesday and I am LOOKIN FOR YOU!!! So excited for you!!
Philip, Randy and Jacob- Best of luck on your farewell talks- and I hope you LOVE the MTC!!
AL AND JOHN!!- Congrats on your move!! The place looks gorgeous!! AND I'm flying through Dallas!! And congrats on getting your braces off John!! Oh also as a general aside, I don't get DearElders on Saturday or Sunday, those ones are given to me on Monday! Oh, and I need your new address!! Oh and I ran into Jen Tovar, I guess she's a sensei teacher now!! It was pretty kimazui awkward hahaha.
Mom! Yes I gave Kat’s gift to her, the BYU Singers on YouTube have the best choral renditions of Eric Whitacre music, and I love as many pictures as you're willing to send! The pretty family one from Rhonda is lovely.

Okay, so now for one of the greatest miracles this week. So me, Clark Shimai and Moon Shimai auditioned with "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul", with Clark shimai on flute and Moon on piano, I'm gonna be honest, it sounds LOVELY. So we got in- we're singing Monday for the incoming Senior Couples meeting (SO excited!!) and we were asked to sing in our branch Sacrament meeting. We had the District president of the MTC coming, so in Pres. Willes' words, "It had better be good!" And it was going to be...until I woke up Sunday morning and my voice was gone. I hoped it would get better throughout the day, but as we neared Sacrament meeting it got progressively worse. Before the meeting, we tuned and warmed up and my voice was COMPLETELY shot. We went into the meeting. President Wood announced (softly) that the mic was broken and that we'd all have to be extra loud today. My heart sank. This meeting was heading straight for a train wreck and it was all my fault. He then walked away from the pulpit, grabbed a cordless mic and my hope were lifted. He fiddled with it for a few minutes to no avail. My heart sank. It was then that I began to pray- harder and more fervently than I have prayed in a long, long time. I told Heavenly Father I need a miracle- anything; cancel the musical number, clear my throat, make the mic work. I prayed all the way up til it was my time to sing.  I went up to the podium, shaking slightly. I looked down and saw that Wood Kaicho had just left the cordless mic sitting there. In my last desperate hope, I picked up the microphone and found a teeny little switch under the base. I fiddled with it and I heard the muted feedback of the mic that was- assuredly- working. I knew then that my Heavenly Father was watching out for me- and that he cared about even my silly little worries of obliterating a meeting. They began playing, and I began to sing. The Shimai who had 10 minutes before had no voice was now singing the song the best she had ever sung it. I looked at the elders and sisters, and they had tears rolling down their cheeks. Willes Kaicho cried. The District President cried. I cried (after, ‘cause goodness knows that would not have been good crying whilst singing.) It was an amazing experience that I will never ever forget. Our Heavenly Father cares about us each individually, and He is ALWAYS mindful of us. In the words of Henry B. Eyring in his April 2012 General Conference talk, "Mountains to Climb": "God will NEVER forsake us." And in the words of Jeffrey R Holland, "We cannot sink lower than the light of Christ Shines." There is nothing we can't come back from; there's nothing we can't be forgiven for. I testify that this is true, that it has always been true and that it will be an eternal truth because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 

So many tender mercies blessed my life this week. I was able to say things in Japanese in lessons that I had no idea how to say. During my coaching time with Nitta sensei, I asked him how he thought the lesson went. He said, "I'm gonna be honest; while you were talking I was so afraid that you were gonna say something that I didn't know and that I would look so dumb. Your Japanese is like, MY level." (This is of course absolutely not true because Nitta-chan is absolutely perapera fluent, but it was so comforting that he thought that nonetheless). I know that through the power of God we can do all things, and that it is all contingent on our faith. If we put our trust in the Lord and carry on, he will give us anything that is expedient unto Him.

I love you all! I thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I received my travel plans yesterday for my flights to Japan, and they have ordered my Japanese nametags. I have one more P Day and one more email before I'm in Japan. It's getting real. Love you much and I'll talk to you soon!

Much love,

オーギル姉妹  Sister Orgill

Practicing phone contacting

Middle part Monday --some hair was not meant to be worn with a middle part...

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