Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 7 - MTC

今日は、みんなさん Hello, Everyone!!
I hope you're all doing so well, and THANK YOU so much to everyone who I've heard from!! So good to hear what's going on with you:) Before I begin I have some big THANK YOUS to give out!!!! To 私の両親My Parentsあ姉さん Big Sister and the Larsens, thank you so much for the lovely packages!! So. Much. Food. I have imparted it among the many amazing 友達 friends I have here at the Empty Sea MTC!!! I feel so blessed!! That was really thoughtful of all of you!

Grandma McAllister! While I was reading your email I was humming "There is Sunshine in my Soul Today", and this 姉妹Sister came up and told me in 日本語 Japanese that I had a beautiful voice!! Then I read the part in your letter about how I would share the gospel with my voice!! Small little blessings like that simply pepper our days!! Also when I was auditioning, this sister that was there kept on saying, "I just LOVE your voice!!" Speaking of sharing the gospel via song, I auditioned to sing at one of the Devotionals or firesides here at the MTC! I'm singing "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul", with my doryo's companion’s beautiful flute playing and accompanied by Moon Shimai. They're both quite jozu, skilled which is quite a blessing to me!! We're also singing in seisankai sacrament meeting tomorrow! So we auditioned, and we got in!! I wish the devotionals were broadcast so you could see!! But it's a total blessing to be able to share our talents with others!

Okay, So the language fails get slightly lesser every week (they're still prevalent, mind you) but this week one of my bigger fails was (actually) NOT gengo language -related!! I printed off all the lovely emails that were sent to me last P Day and sat down to read them, reaching over to my bag to get my scripture marking pencils to highlight my favorite parts and make notes. Yikes haha!! I'm forsure gonna be a weird missionary-type when I get home hahaha! Oh! One moderate failure! While we were teaching Kaiki-san about the Plan of Salvation, he was confused about the word "yuwaku", meaning temptation. Out of ideas of how to explain myself in Nihongo, I summoned up my best impression of the squirrel in Enchanted (who, in turn, is acting out the wicked queen) and held my hand out to him and with a sneaky look on my face said "Kono ringo!! Oishiiiii!" )  literally, this apple, it’s delicious (aka the 'Try it! Eeeez goood!' in the movie. He froze, staring at me. And then he busted up laughing. He couldn't stop for a solid 4 minutes. It was excellent! But now Kaiki san has NO DOUBT about what temptation means;) Oh and a small success for the week! Dad, you remember 3rd grade soccer team when my nickname was "The Wall?" Yeah, apparently it still holds true. The Shimaitachi sister missionaries started playing soccer with all these girls that are WAY good, and I developed quite a reputation! It was super fun:) This one sister is super good and she was running to get the ball and I knew that she has really good footwork so I had to get it away from her before she got her bearings, so I took off silently sprinting behind her. The goalie saw me and screamed, "She's coming!!!" At which the girl turned and received one big ball of soccer wrath. It was such a fun game!

A note on the language- We had a sub this week, Osaka さん Mr. Osaka His eigo English is pretty mam-ma so-so because he's Nihonjin native Japanese. So he talked to us for 3 straight hours in class. I really enjoyed his stories, spiritual insights, and suggestions. It wasn't until after that I realized that he had said maybe 6 words in English the WHOLE 3 HOURS. And I understood EVERYTHING. Ah, it was such a fantastic realization!! I'm still certain that when I get to Japan I'm gonna get slapped in the face by my own lack of knowledge, but I have such a desire to learn!!! Nihongo Japanese language is the best ever, and I love it even more than I did when I started.

Oh one little miracle from the week! So our resident Australian finally got his birthday package from Australia! In it there were Chocolate caramel Koalas (Australia...sasuga of course.) There are 13 of us including our Sensei, and he passed out the koalas and we all ate our koala. Then he looked at the box, and looked back up, and said, "Who didn't get one?" We all looked around and saw that all of us got one. There were only supposed to be 12 koalas in the package, and all 13 of us had eaten one. 5 loaves and 2 fishes, anyone?? It was pretty cool:)

One of my favorite parts of this week was watching one of the Mormon Messages from It's from 2012, called "Rescued by Christ". It includes an old, toothless British man and his assorted falcons and owls!! British accents AND birds?!?! Count me in!! But truly it's such an incredible little clip, it reminded me of my every day endeavor to become more like my Savior. I would highly recommend it. If anyone is curious how my Book of Mormon study is going, I'm in Alma 39! It's so beautifully written. While I was studying today the pure truth of the words rang in my soul and brought literal tears to my eyes. I feel impossibly fortunate to have a knowledge of this gospel.

Wee-man Jonathan I miss you a ton!!! King Choro Elder King was practicing his Boston accent and I looked at him and said, "Yuh kid's a wicked porker." He looked at me and about died laughing. You crack me up for days and I'm so glad to hear things are going so well for you!! You crack me up and I love you a TON!!

Well, that's it for this week!! I'd love to hear from you, but no more food onnegaishimasu please!!!;)

Heian to shukufuku!!!
(Peace AND blessings!)


Sister Orgill

Sisters Orgill and Richins

Thank You Larsens!!!

Feeling the Love from Home

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