Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 5 - MTC

Konnichiwa minnasan (Hello everyone)!!

This week has been SO AWESOME. We were privileged to listen to some incredible devotionals and some great movies! For the 4th of July, we watched the movie 17 Miracles (so amazing, I highly recommend it!) And then we got to go outside and watch the fireworks show from within our prison walls! The 1/3 of the fireworks show I saw from behind some massive tree was quite enjoyable! I love Japan, but I'm proud to be from a country that allowed the religious freedom for a young boy to receive the answer from God to join none of the churches because God's authority and priesthood had been lost and was going to be restored on the American continent. What a fun time it was! We stayed up til 11:30 (CRAZY by missionary standards!) and then we were so exhausted yesterday haha! They may have extended our bed time, but missionaries never ever sleep in!

Okay so now it's time for the weekly fails!! Nitta Sensei says the best way to learn Nihongo (Japanese language) is by making mistakes. Looks like I’m learning like a champ;)
So this week we got a new flood of atarashii nihonjin senkyoshi (new Japanese missionaries) (they're so kawaii (cute)!) and we all love chatting with them and getting to know them! So Richins Shimai was talking to one of the shimais and was trying to explain that she had lived in China before her mission. The word for China is "Chuugoku". She accidentally told the sister that she came from "Jigoku" which the girl gasped and yelled, "HONTO(really)?!" Yea, so Jigoku means Hell. Hahahaha Richins Shimai about died of embarrassment! Miracle of forgiveness I guess;)
So apparently I also suddenly forget a lot of my Nihongo (Japanese language) when I see natives, so when I saw them coming into the MTC this week, I waved at them and said, "Irashaimase!" when I had intended to say "Yokoso!" So they both mean welcome, but the one I used is more like "welcome to my sushi shop!" Yeah I'm pretty much winning at this whole language shenanigan.
 Okay one more failure! I was bearing my testimony to some Elders going to Italy, and I was so exhausted that I told them "Watashi no kazoku ga shinjitsu da to shitte imasu" Which basically means "I know my family is true." My doryo (companion) burst out laughing. Sleep deprivation really got to all of us haha!

So the devotional on Tuesday was fantastic. It was about our mindset about our missions and ourselves as missionaries. I've always loved that quote "What e'er thou art, act well thy part". When I think about the fact that I am Jesus Christ's representative, doing what He would be doing if he were still on the Earth, it makes me revere my calling with a lot more gravity. This mission is not about me, my ambitions, my adventure to Japan; but it is about gathering the Lord's children back to Him. Way cool to think about.

My doryo (companion) and I were practicing street contacting yesterday and we shared a reiteki na messeji (spiritual experience) with some shimaitachi (sisters). Afterward we talked to them a bit in English (the sisters spoke no Japanese and are going to the Alpine German-speaking mission) and we realized that they're from the Netherlands and Scotland!! Their accents were THE BEST. Ahh I was dying it was so cool!! It's way awesome that you can feel the Spirit of what people are saying, even when it's in a language you don't even understand.

We were learning how to say I want YOU to do something this week, so Nitta Sensei said a sentence and one of the choro's (Elders) tried to answer. Nitta Sensei looks at him and says, "NO! I want to marry YOU, I don't want YOU to marry ME!!" First of all he never talks in English so that was weird in and of itself and second of all....AWKWARD!! Hahaha we love Nitta Sensei. We goof around but still study hardcore!

Speaking of hardcore, I'm getting a HARDCORE farmer's tan from playing sand volleyball so much! Boo-yah. First time Orgill Shimai's EVER had a farmer's tan. EVER. But my district has actually gotten way good at volleyball, so it's way fun for us!

I hosted for the first time this week! That means I got to help new missionaries with their bags and show them around and help them get introduced into the MTC! It was great. Seeing their tear-stained cheeks and bright excited eyes was really sweet! It's amazing to think that that was me less than 5 weeks ago. Speaking of which, I'M MORE THAN HALFWAY THROUGH THE MTC!!! My halfway point was yesterday, and we fly out August 5th!! They're already ordering my Japanese nametags and everything! Wooo so excited!

I feel like I'm getting more prepared to leave, but I'll never be ready for Japan unless I just go! But in lessons we just pray about what our investigator might need, and then walk in there with scriptures and maybe a bullet point or two written down, and then we just teach! It's way fun, and every day is such a learning experience. My whole district (especially the shimaitachi (sisters)) try to talk almost exclusively in Nihongo (Japanese language) all of the time. It's excellent practice. The kohai (youngest Japanese-speaking missionaries here) look at us with wonder in their eyes and ask us how we got so good so fast! Renshu (practice) my friend, renshu.

Well, that's about it for this week! DearElder me if you get a chance, it's so great to hear from you!
Aishite imasu!!(Love you)
Orgill Shimai

Sister Orgill and Sister Richins with a photo-bomber in the background.

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