Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 6 - MTC

A very happy P Day to you, dear family and friends!

I hope you're all doing so well on the outside world!! Not many dramatic events happened this week- just another week of hard study and relying wholeheartedly on the Lord. Clark Shimai and I taught a new investigator yesterday who is difficult- REALLY difficult. He talks at about a million miles an hour and thinks everything we're saying is crazy talk (especially about the restoration) I finally set down my notes, looked him straight in the eye and bore him a lengthy testimony of my knowledge and certainty that what we were teaching him is entirely true. I told him I knew it sounded crazy that someone could see God, but that God did it to prophets of old, and he loves His children no less in these latter-days than he did in times of old. He has not withdrawn His love or influence from His children, and He has not forgotten us. I bore solemn witness, and Imai-san's countenance seemed to change. He was more engaged, he looked straight at me when he talked. He agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know of its truthfulness.

Well, as a missionary we've got to practice what we preach, so I restarted the Book of Mormon a few days ago and am trying to finish it before I leave for Japan. I'm only in Jarom but I can do it! Our testimony is either growing or shrinking, it does not stay stagnant waiting for us while we are not trying to build on it.

Okay, so of course we've had some weekly language fails. Probably my favorite of the week was when someone was in lessons and was trying to explain that the word "tsumi" means sins against God (when the Japanese people usually associate tsumi with just breaking the law). Instead of saying it was not just "illegal deeds", two shimai tachi (sisters) in our district explained to Kojima that tsumi is not just "Illegal cheeks", which sounds much like deeds bahaha! I don't know about you, but I try to avoid any illegal cheeks in my day-to-day life!

Today I was taking a picture for a ton of Elders going to Kennewick, Washington so I said, "Say Cheezu!" Which they did! I then died laughing realizing that I had just said the Japanese word for "Cheese!" in addition to the word "Map", (in Japanese, the word map is “chizu”) at which all the Elders were currently pointing at. They didn't get it and probably thought I was pretty weird.

Oh another fail! My doryo (companion) and I were just trying to get into this building and we couldn't decide which way we wanted to go, and these sisters passed us kind of smirking and went, "Oh, are you new here?" NO I am NOT NEW HERE. Homegirl, I've been here longer than it took for the Lamanites to repent!! I entered the MTC before you GREAT-GRANDFATHER DID. Am I new here...grumblegrumble. Also my district was walking to lunch a few days ago and they saw these two Elders in a giant rice field and the bottom was labeled, "Sendai, Japan". They were all like, "WHAT?!!" It looks like that?!" At which I turned to them and said, "I think it is high time that I inform you that we are going to the Idaho of Japan." Pocatello, Japan, here I come!

Hmm not much was eventful this week. I'm singing "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" with Moon Shimai on piano and Clark Shimai on flute. They're quite excellent, it's gonna be great! My branch President told me he'd love to hear me sing in sacrament (after hearing me singing along to a hymn or something), so we're doing it! And today as we were practicing, who walked by but Kat and her two sweet companions! They sat in and we played it for them. One of them cried. It's such a blessing to see Kat so often, I'll really miss seeing her once we're in the field.  (Kat is her cousin, Katherine, headed to Croatia in a few weeks).

By the way, thank you SO MUCH for the fresh bread mom!! (Deliveries to the MTC daily, My district LOVED it, Nitta Sensei looked like a little boy on Christmas morning (pictures of his high-fashion jacket to come) and they were all so grateful!! It was a pretty rough day for many of them, so they thank you graciously!! Oh and mom! C. Richins would like you to add her on FB so she can add you to the mom's page for all of us Sendai missionaries!! Apparently you're the only mom still not in the group!! (Yes, you can let Dad in on it if he so pleases hahaha)

Love you all, keep up the good work at home, and if you're going through a hard time, read Henry B. Eyring's talk "Mountains to Climb" or go watch the Mormon Message about it on Gives me so much comfort.
Forever and always (a missionary),

-Orgill Shimai 
Winter wear for Japan

Orgill Shimai and Clark Shimai

It appears that there is still some time to goof around at the MTC

Japanese and Croatian, representing the two Sisters Orgill

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