Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 8 - MTC

The Konnichiest of wa's to you, minnasan!! (sorry, some Nat is not translatable).

This week was another fantastic week at the second best place on Earth (many people would correctly argue that temples are better; others would argue Disneyland...)!! I feel like I grew a ton spiritually and mentally (and NOT physically despite the MTC's best efforts to pack on the pounds!!) It was another week of testing and growth. We heard some amazing devotionals and had some fantastic lessons.  And, of course, some funny stuff happened as well:

We recently acquired pictures of all of the 12 apostles which is wonderful, but the problem is they have a bit of an attitude problem when it comes to sticking to the wall. In the middle of a really spiritual lesson with Fowers Sensei, he looks up and yells "OAKS CHORO BONSAI!!!!" right as Dallin H. Oaks went awol and took a header straight down toward Mantz choro. Poor Mantz choro doesn't understand a lot of Japanese unless it's spoken pretty slowly, so when he heard the yell, he was out of his seat and across the room faster than anyone I've ever seen. He looks around, panicked, and yells, "SPIDER?!?!" It was pretty great haha!
      Also Fowers Sensei was talking about a weird Japanese tradition he didn't know that they had until he lived there and his brother was born there- apparently it is custom for the parents to keep part of the umbilical cord of the baby in a box and give it to them at their wedding; so now, Mother and Father, I must ask you in all seriousness: Do you have a piece of my umbilical cord and are planning for a very rude joke at my wedding?! I'm pretty fearful at this point- Kindly tell me the answer is no!
   Also, when we were walking to the temple, I got to hold a sweet little puppy!! But as I was kneeling down reaaaaalllyyyyy slowly, I pulled my hamstring! FAIL. Speaking of kneeling, you'll be proud to know that I spent the ENTIRE HOUR of personal study Hizamasuite imashita kneeling Japanese style!!! Can I get a BOOYAH! (Oh, I guess I did physically progress a bit as well!) Except after, it was tricky to walk for a little bit. Ah, zanen too bad.

Alright, now for a couple of shoutouts-
CARINA!! I'm hosting this Wednesday and I am LOOKIN FOR YOU!!! So excited for you!!
Philip, Randy and Jacob- Best of luck on your farewell talks- and I hope you LOVE the MTC!!
AL AND JOHN!!- Congrats on your move!! The place looks gorgeous!! AND I'm flying through Dallas!! And congrats on getting your braces off John!! Oh also as a general aside, I don't get DearElders on Saturday or Sunday, those ones are given to me on Monday! Oh, and I need your new address!! Oh and I ran into Jen Tovar, I guess she's a sensei teacher now!! It was pretty kimazui awkward hahaha.
Mom! Yes I gave Kat’s gift to her, the BYU Singers on YouTube have the best choral renditions of Eric Whitacre music, and I love as many pictures as you're willing to send! The pretty family one from Rhonda is lovely.

Okay, so now for one of the greatest miracles this week. So me, Clark Shimai and Moon Shimai auditioned with "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul", with Clark shimai on flute and Moon on piano, I'm gonna be honest, it sounds LOVELY. So we got in- we're singing Monday for the incoming Senior Couples meeting (SO excited!!) and we were asked to sing in our branch Sacrament meeting. We had the District president of the MTC coming, so in Pres. Willes' words, "It had better be good!" And it was going to be...until I woke up Sunday morning and my voice was gone. I hoped it would get better throughout the day, but as we neared Sacrament meeting it got progressively worse. Before the meeting, we tuned and warmed up and my voice was COMPLETELY shot. We went into the meeting. President Wood announced (softly) that the mic was broken and that we'd all have to be extra loud today. My heart sank. This meeting was heading straight for a train wreck and it was all my fault. He then walked away from the pulpit, grabbed a cordless mic and my hope were lifted. He fiddled with it for a few minutes to no avail. My heart sank. It was then that I began to pray- harder and more fervently than I have prayed in a long, long time. I told Heavenly Father I need a miracle- anything; cancel the musical number, clear my throat, make the mic work. I prayed all the way up til it was my time to sing.  I went up to the podium, shaking slightly. I looked down and saw that Wood Kaicho had just left the cordless mic sitting there. In my last desperate hope, I picked up the microphone and found a teeny little switch under the base. I fiddled with it and I heard the muted feedback of the mic that was- assuredly- working. I knew then that my Heavenly Father was watching out for me- and that he cared about even my silly little worries of obliterating a meeting. They began playing, and I began to sing. The Shimai who had 10 minutes before had no voice was now singing the song the best she had ever sung it. I looked at the elders and sisters, and they had tears rolling down their cheeks. Willes Kaicho cried. The District President cried. I cried (after, ‘cause goodness knows that would not have been good crying whilst singing.) It was an amazing experience that I will never ever forget. Our Heavenly Father cares about us each individually, and He is ALWAYS mindful of us. In the words of Henry B. Eyring in his April 2012 General Conference talk, "Mountains to Climb": "God will NEVER forsake us." And in the words of Jeffrey R Holland, "We cannot sink lower than the light of Christ Shines." There is nothing we can't come back from; there's nothing we can't be forgiven for. I testify that this is true, that it has always been true and that it will be an eternal truth because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 

So many tender mercies blessed my life this week. I was able to say things in Japanese in lessons that I had no idea how to say. During my coaching time with Nitta sensei, I asked him how he thought the lesson went. He said, "I'm gonna be honest; while you were talking I was so afraid that you were gonna say something that I didn't know and that I would look so dumb. Your Japanese is like, MY level." (This is of course absolutely not true because Nitta-chan is absolutely perapera fluent, but it was so comforting that he thought that nonetheless). I know that through the power of God we can do all things, and that it is all contingent on our faith. If we put our trust in the Lord and carry on, he will give us anything that is expedient unto Him.

I love you all! I thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I received my travel plans yesterday for my flights to Japan, and they have ordered my Japanese nametags. I have one more P Day and one more email before I'm in Japan. It's getting real. Love you much and I'll talk to you soon!

Much love,

オーギル姉妹  Sister Orgill

Practicing phone contacting

Middle part Monday --some hair was not meant to be worn with a middle part...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 7 - MTC

今日は、みんなさん Hello, Everyone!!
I hope you're all doing so well, and THANK YOU so much to everyone who I've heard from!! So good to hear what's going on with you:) Before I begin I have some big THANK YOUS to give out!!!! To 私の両親My Parentsあ姉さん Big Sister and the Larsens, thank you so much for the lovely packages!! So. Much. Food. I have imparted it among the many amazing 友達 friends I have here at the Empty Sea MTC!!! I feel so blessed!! That was really thoughtful of all of you!

Grandma McAllister! While I was reading your email I was humming "There is Sunshine in my Soul Today", and this 姉妹Sister came up and told me in 日本語 Japanese that I had a beautiful voice!! Then I read the part in your letter about how I would share the gospel with my voice!! Small little blessings like that simply pepper our days!! Also when I was auditioning, this sister that was there kept on saying, "I just LOVE your voice!!" Speaking of sharing the gospel via song, I auditioned to sing at one of the Devotionals or firesides here at the MTC! I'm singing "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul", with my doryo's companion’s beautiful flute playing and accompanied by Moon Shimai. They're both quite jozu, skilled which is quite a blessing to me!! We're also singing in seisankai sacrament meeting tomorrow! So we auditioned, and we got in!! I wish the devotionals were broadcast so you could see!! But it's a total blessing to be able to share our talents with others!

Okay, So the language fails get slightly lesser every week (they're still prevalent, mind you) but this week one of my bigger fails was (actually) NOT gengo language -related!! I printed off all the lovely emails that were sent to me last P Day and sat down to read them, reaching over to my bag to get my scripture marking pencils to highlight my favorite parts and make notes. Yikes haha!! I'm forsure gonna be a weird missionary-type when I get home hahaha! Oh! One moderate failure! While we were teaching Kaiki-san about the Plan of Salvation, he was confused about the word "yuwaku", meaning temptation. Out of ideas of how to explain myself in Nihongo, I summoned up my best impression of the squirrel in Enchanted (who, in turn, is acting out the wicked queen) and held my hand out to him and with a sneaky look on my face said "Kono ringo!! Oishiiiii!" )  literally, this apple, it’s delicious (aka the 'Try it! Eeeez goood!' in the movie. He froze, staring at me. And then he busted up laughing. He couldn't stop for a solid 4 minutes. It was excellent! But now Kaiki san has NO DOUBT about what temptation means;) Oh and a small success for the week! Dad, you remember 3rd grade soccer team when my nickname was "The Wall?" Yeah, apparently it still holds true. The Shimaitachi sister missionaries started playing soccer with all these girls that are WAY good, and I developed quite a reputation! It was super fun:) This one sister is super good and she was running to get the ball and I knew that she has really good footwork so I had to get it away from her before she got her bearings, so I took off silently sprinting behind her. The goalie saw me and screamed, "She's coming!!!" At which the girl turned and received one big ball of soccer wrath. It was such a fun game!

A note on the language- We had a sub this week, Osaka さん Mr. Osaka His eigo English is pretty mam-ma so-so because he's Nihonjin native Japanese. So he talked to us for 3 straight hours in class. I really enjoyed his stories, spiritual insights, and suggestions. It wasn't until after that I realized that he had said maybe 6 words in English the WHOLE 3 HOURS. And I understood EVERYTHING. Ah, it was such a fantastic realization!! I'm still certain that when I get to Japan I'm gonna get slapped in the face by my own lack of knowledge, but I have such a desire to learn!!! Nihongo Japanese language is the best ever, and I love it even more than I did when I started.

Oh one little miracle from the week! So our resident Australian finally got his birthday package from Australia! In it there were Chocolate caramel Koalas (Australia...sasuga of course.) There are 13 of us including our Sensei, and he passed out the koalas and we all ate our koala. Then he looked at the box, and looked back up, and said, "Who didn't get one?" We all looked around and saw that all of us got one. There were only supposed to be 12 koalas in the package, and all 13 of us had eaten one. 5 loaves and 2 fishes, anyone?? It was pretty cool:)

One of my favorite parts of this week was watching one of the Mormon Messages from It's from 2012, called "Rescued by Christ". It includes an old, toothless British man and his assorted falcons and owls!! British accents AND birds?!?! Count me in!! But truly it's such an incredible little clip, it reminded me of my every day endeavor to become more like my Savior. I would highly recommend it. If anyone is curious how my Book of Mormon study is going, I'm in Alma 39! It's so beautifully written. While I was studying today the pure truth of the words rang in my soul and brought literal tears to my eyes. I feel impossibly fortunate to have a knowledge of this gospel.

Wee-man Jonathan I miss you a ton!!! King Choro Elder King was practicing his Boston accent and I looked at him and said, "Yuh kid's a wicked porker." He looked at me and about died laughing. You crack me up for days and I'm so glad to hear things are going so well for you!! You crack me up and I love you a TON!!

Well, that's it for this week!! I'd love to hear from you, but no more food onnegaishimasu please!!!;)

Heian to shukufuku!!!
(Peace AND blessings!)


Sister Orgill

Sisters Orgill and Richins

Thank You Larsens!!!

Feeling the Love from Home

Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 6 - MTC

A very happy P Day to you, dear family and friends!

I hope you're all doing so well on the outside world!! Not many dramatic events happened this week- just another week of hard study and relying wholeheartedly on the Lord. Clark Shimai and I taught a new investigator yesterday who is difficult- REALLY difficult. He talks at about a million miles an hour and thinks everything we're saying is crazy talk (especially about the restoration) I finally set down my notes, looked him straight in the eye and bore him a lengthy testimony of my knowledge and certainty that what we were teaching him is entirely true. I told him I knew it sounded crazy that someone could see God, but that God did it to prophets of old, and he loves His children no less in these latter-days than he did in times of old. He has not withdrawn His love or influence from His children, and He has not forgotten us. I bore solemn witness, and Imai-san's countenance seemed to change. He was more engaged, he looked straight at me when he talked. He agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know of its truthfulness.

Well, as a missionary we've got to practice what we preach, so I restarted the Book of Mormon a few days ago and am trying to finish it before I leave for Japan. I'm only in Jarom but I can do it! Our testimony is either growing or shrinking, it does not stay stagnant waiting for us while we are not trying to build on it.

Okay, so of course we've had some weekly language fails. Probably my favorite of the week was when someone was in lessons and was trying to explain that the word "tsumi" means sins against God (when the Japanese people usually associate tsumi with just breaking the law). Instead of saying it was not just "illegal deeds", two shimai tachi (sisters) in our district explained to Kojima that tsumi is not just "Illegal cheeks", which sounds much like deeds bahaha! I don't know about you, but I try to avoid any illegal cheeks in my day-to-day life!

Today I was taking a picture for a ton of Elders going to Kennewick, Washington so I said, "Say Cheezu!" Which they did! I then died laughing realizing that I had just said the Japanese word for "Cheese!" in addition to the word "Map", (in Japanese, the word map is “chizu”) at which all the Elders were currently pointing at. They didn't get it and probably thought I was pretty weird.

Oh another fail! My doryo (companion) and I were just trying to get into this building and we couldn't decide which way we wanted to go, and these sisters passed us kind of smirking and went, "Oh, are you new here?" NO I am NOT NEW HERE. Homegirl, I've been here longer than it took for the Lamanites to repent!! I entered the MTC before you GREAT-GRANDFATHER DID. Am I new here...grumblegrumble. Also my district was walking to lunch a few days ago and they saw these two Elders in a giant rice field and the bottom was labeled, "Sendai, Japan". They were all like, "WHAT?!!" It looks like that?!" At which I turned to them and said, "I think it is high time that I inform you that we are going to the Idaho of Japan." Pocatello, Japan, here I come!

Hmm not much was eventful this week. I'm singing "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" with Moon Shimai on piano and Clark Shimai on flute. They're quite excellent, it's gonna be great! My branch President told me he'd love to hear me sing in sacrament (after hearing me singing along to a hymn or something), so we're doing it! And today as we were practicing, who walked by but Kat and her two sweet companions! They sat in and we played it for them. One of them cried. It's such a blessing to see Kat so often, I'll really miss seeing her once we're in the field.  (Kat is her cousin, Katherine, headed to Croatia in a few weeks).

By the way, thank you SO MUCH for the fresh bread mom!! (Deliveries to the MTC daily, My district LOVED it, Nitta Sensei looked like a little boy on Christmas morning (pictures of his high-fashion jacket to come) and they were all so grateful!! It was a pretty rough day for many of them, so they thank you graciously!! Oh and mom! C. Richins would like you to add her on FB so she can add you to the mom's page for all of us Sendai missionaries!! Apparently you're the only mom still not in the group!! (Yes, you can let Dad in on it if he so pleases hahaha)

Love you all, keep up the good work at home, and if you're going through a hard time, read Henry B. Eyring's talk "Mountains to Climb" or go watch the Mormon Message about it on Gives me so much comfort.
Forever and always (a missionary),

-Orgill Shimai 
Winter wear for Japan

Orgill Shimai and Clark Shimai

It appears that there is still some time to goof around at the MTC

Japanese and Croatian, representing the two Sisters Orgill

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 5 - MTC

Konnichiwa minnasan (Hello everyone)!!

This week has been SO AWESOME. We were privileged to listen to some incredible devotionals and some great movies! For the 4th of July, we watched the movie 17 Miracles (so amazing, I highly recommend it!) And then we got to go outside and watch the fireworks show from within our prison walls! The 1/3 of the fireworks show I saw from behind some massive tree was quite enjoyable! I love Japan, but I'm proud to be from a country that allowed the religious freedom for a young boy to receive the answer from God to join none of the churches because God's authority and priesthood had been lost and was going to be restored on the American continent. What a fun time it was! We stayed up til 11:30 (CRAZY by missionary standards!) and then we were so exhausted yesterday haha! They may have extended our bed time, but missionaries never ever sleep in!

Okay so now it's time for the weekly fails!! Nitta Sensei says the best way to learn Nihongo (Japanese language) is by making mistakes. Looks like I’m learning like a champ;)
So this week we got a new flood of atarashii nihonjin senkyoshi (new Japanese missionaries) (they're so kawaii (cute)!) and we all love chatting with them and getting to know them! So Richins Shimai was talking to one of the shimais and was trying to explain that she had lived in China before her mission. The word for China is "Chuugoku". She accidentally told the sister that she came from "Jigoku" which the girl gasped and yelled, "HONTO(really)?!" Yea, so Jigoku means Hell. Hahahaha Richins Shimai about died of embarrassment! Miracle of forgiveness I guess;)
So apparently I also suddenly forget a lot of my Nihongo (Japanese language) when I see natives, so when I saw them coming into the MTC this week, I waved at them and said, "Irashaimase!" when I had intended to say "Yokoso!" So they both mean welcome, but the one I used is more like "welcome to my sushi shop!" Yeah I'm pretty much winning at this whole language shenanigan.
 Okay one more failure! I was bearing my testimony to some Elders going to Italy, and I was so exhausted that I told them "Watashi no kazoku ga shinjitsu da to shitte imasu" Which basically means "I know my family is true." My doryo (companion) burst out laughing. Sleep deprivation really got to all of us haha!

So the devotional on Tuesday was fantastic. It was about our mindset about our missions and ourselves as missionaries. I've always loved that quote "What e'er thou art, act well thy part". When I think about the fact that I am Jesus Christ's representative, doing what He would be doing if he were still on the Earth, it makes me revere my calling with a lot more gravity. This mission is not about me, my ambitions, my adventure to Japan; but it is about gathering the Lord's children back to Him. Way cool to think about.

My doryo (companion) and I were practicing street contacting yesterday and we shared a reiteki na messeji (spiritual experience) with some shimaitachi (sisters). Afterward we talked to them a bit in English (the sisters spoke no Japanese and are going to the Alpine German-speaking mission) and we realized that they're from the Netherlands and Scotland!! Their accents were THE BEST. Ahh I was dying it was so cool!! It's way awesome that you can feel the Spirit of what people are saying, even when it's in a language you don't even understand.

We were learning how to say I want YOU to do something this week, so Nitta Sensei said a sentence and one of the choro's (Elders) tried to answer. Nitta Sensei looks at him and says, "NO! I want to marry YOU, I don't want YOU to marry ME!!" First of all he never talks in English so that was weird in and of itself and second of all....AWKWARD!! Hahaha we love Nitta Sensei. We goof around but still study hardcore!

Speaking of hardcore, I'm getting a HARDCORE farmer's tan from playing sand volleyball so much! Boo-yah. First time Orgill Shimai's EVER had a farmer's tan. EVER. But my district has actually gotten way good at volleyball, so it's way fun for us!

I hosted for the first time this week! That means I got to help new missionaries with their bags and show them around and help them get introduced into the MTC! It was great. Seeing their tear-stained cheeks and bright excited eyes was really sweet! It's amazing to think that that was me less than 5 weeks ago. Speaking of which, I'M MORE THAN HALFWAY THROUGH THE MTC!!! My halfway point was yesterday, and we fly out August 5th!! They're already ordering my Japanese nametags and everything! Wooo so excited!

I feel like I'm getting more prepared to leave, but I'll never be ready for Japan unless I just go! But in lessons we just pray about what our investigator might need, and then walk in there with scriptures and maybe a bullet point or two written down, and then we just teach! It's way fun, and every day is such a learning experience. My whole district (especially the shimaitachi (sisters)) try to talk almost exclusively in Nihongo (Japanese language) all of the time. It's excellent practice. The kohai (youngest Japanese-speaking missionaries here) look at us with wonder in their eyes and ask us how we got so good so fast! Renshu (practice) my friend, renshu.

Well, that's about it for this week! DearElder me if you get a chance, it's so great to hear from you!
Aishite imasu!!(Love you)
Orgill Shimai

Sister Orgill and Sister Richins with a photo-bomber in the background.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 4 - MTC

Hey fam!!

Thank you SO MUCH for the package AND the cupcakes, both were super amazing!!!!! What a sweet surprise:) Allison, I'm so sad I missed you at the Marriott Center as well! I talked to Jake afterward and he was like, "Oh, you didn't see her?" And I was like,"NO I FLIPPIN' DIDN'T!" So sad!! It's okay about the temple, by the way. It would probably just make the goodbye so much harder! Oh and speaking of the Marriott Center and the broadcast! If you wanna see me, go to about 2:24 (I see that Dad has already found me....sasuga [as expected].) And you can see my melon sticking out of the back!! Booyah! I guess you could have my autograph if you REALLY wanted it;)

On Tuesday nights we have devotionals, now held in the Marriott Center (BEST. DAY. EVER.) And this week was Janice Kapp Perry. She didn't say much, but we sang a lot and the Spirit there was amazing. Singing the primary songs about how we couldn't wait to go to the Temple and be missionaries, and realizing that that dream is now a reality was SURREAL. Also singing with 2000 musically trained missionaries is a pretty incredible experience. Her and her husband are 74 and 78, but they are total sasses!! he came up in the middle of her talk and kissed her SMACK on the mouth!! After recovering she said, "I know that man like a book, but today I don't know what page he's on." It was glorious! Just brightened my day. I ran into lots more missionaries entering the MTC this last week (to Brittni Howard's family, she's doing awesome and rockin' Japanese!!) and I found my best friend Jakey (or Elder Hirschi) and we took a picture together, with the awkward third wheel companion! Pictures to come:) Hmmm not so many individual events happened this week, but again just many themes persisted throughout the week that blessed me so much. Our kyudosha (investigator) committed to baptism, but it's rough for him to give up smoking. But he's doing great and we believe in him!

I saw the Edgrens (mission president and wife of Warsaw, Poland) in the Marriott Center!! It was so great to see them, love them tons!! Also, thank you so much for the Yen and sweet note you left for me at the front desk. It was wonderful! I got pretty sick for a day this week, and this is how I KNOW the power of prayer. My whole district was praying for me really hard, and it was amazing how I could feel the effects of their pure faith. They're all such great examples to me. There was a BAD bout of food poisoning this week (I TOLD you the food was sketchy!!) from under-cooked meat and whatnot. But now everyone's better and a little more wary of the mystery meat, but now Richins Shimai can proudly say that she's lost 4 pounds at the MTC hahaha! Now THAT doesn't happen everyday!

Something I love is our daily hour of personal study. You can always tell when one of the choro tachi (group of elders) is really tired because they're in our classroom, reading their scriptures standing up! It's pretty funny to see. Lessons are going well. I finally think that I have enough basis of the tango of nihongo (vocabulary of Japanese) to go into them with little or no notes- sometimes unintentionally. This week I was a dummy and we walked into the lesson and I realized that I had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN to bring my lesson. I'm such a dingo (new word courtesy of Clark Shimai). But it turned out to be one of the best lessons we've had with Kaiki-san. Without notes I was free to speak from the heart and talk about what Kaiki truly needed to hear, not what I needed to say. Oue two Senseis are Fowers and Nitta Kyodai, and we love them both! They both served in Tokyo, and Nitta Sensei got back only 4 months ago! His Nihongo is totemoooo jyozu, his Eigo is (His Japanese is very skilled, his English is now so-so). It's great watching him struggle to remember the English word for "recommendation" or something like that! Our two senseis (teachers) are SO different, Fowers is seriously, slightly concerned-looking, all business and very experienced. And Nitta is a goof who refuses to ever speak in English and makes us laugh so hard! Their teaching styles complement each other extraordinarily, we feel lucky to have our senseis.

I came to understand the fundamental importance of the Book of Mormon this week. If we do not have a testimony of the Book of Mormon, it is hard to stay faithful in the church. It teaches us so much of Christ and how to become more like Him. I just read Moroni 10 again, and I just love that last chapter. It tells us that all good things come from Christ, and to deny not the gifts and power of God. That was something I really needed this week, it gave me so much solace to know that the Savior is walking beside me this whole time, and he will carry me through the hard times. This week had difficulties spiritually for me, but in my 1-on-1 interview with one of my senseis I was able to express (in Japanese, of course) how i was feeling and what was troubling me. His own experiences gave me so much comfort and hope that only what he specifically could have told me. I know that Heavenly Father places specific people in our lives to bless us, which helps my testimony that I have been called to serve the people of Sendai for very specific reasons which I may not understand until much later in life. Our own personal experiences and faith can help others along with the gifts that God has given us explained in Moroni 10. It is our duty to use these gifts to lift up the hands that hang down and help those that need helping, whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually. I love this Gospel and I know that it can bring impossible and inexpressible amounts of joy to our lives as it did to Alma the younger when he came unto Christ.

Mom, it was the Belgian dark chocolate bar that I loved, but I love all Trader Joe's and dark chocolates!! Dad, some of the Sendai peeps left at 4 am, the rest at 11 am on Monday. And the rest of the districts are split, mine is the only district that is 100% Sendai or any dendobu (mission) really. Everyone LOVES their notebooks, they use them for their atarashii tango (new vocabulary)!!

Anyway, I love you all SO MUCH and I thank you millions for your prayers. I can feel the blessings from them daily.

Love you forever, ( and THANK YOU for the letters and DearElders:)
Orgill Shimai