Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 3 - MTC

Hey Fam and friends!

I hope today's email doesn't seem as scatterbrained as last week! Less little snippets and more broad-spectrum highlights from this week. Let's start with Sunday night!!! I sat with Kat (cousin going to Croatia) for the devotional, it was amazing!! So great to be here with her. I'm sure she'll send you a pic you can put on the blog (especially since these computers are FAILING) It was especially nice because it was Father's Day, so it makes being away from family so much better!!

Kay so some of the funny things that happened this week:
The door shut behind us and made a peculiar sound. I looked around in shock, absolutely POSITIVE that I had heard a chicken!! I was SO DISAPPOINTED when I figured out it was just the door! Also we did splits for choir so Richins Shimai (my best friend forever!!) and I both sing soprano so we were sitting together and I looked over and said something to her and apparently she didn't hear because she yelled, "A GAY MANDOLIN??" Bahaha awkwardd. We got hushed by some girls going to Florida haha. Oops!

With Richins Shimai and two photo bombers
We were doing jikoshokai (self-intros) for our substitute sensei and we had to say our favorite flavor of aisukurimu (ice cream) and one guy said cookies and cream and so did the next guy. The first guy rolls his eyes and said, "copy neko!" I about died (copycat, of course).

The whole district
Also this morning, I saw an elder doryogumi (companionship) sprinting back toward their apt. The one in the back, clearly lagging yelled, "Elder! There's more than one shower!!" At which the elder in front yelled back "There's only one GOOD shower!!!!" There's one big shower in every bathroom hahaha. MTC problems! Speaking of MTC problems, the food is pretty unhealthy and it makes a lot of us sick!! The greatest thing I've heard all day is an ode in Jeremiah to the MTC food: it's Jeremiah 4:19-21. Go look it up and enjoy!!!

Something that was a huge theme for my doryo (companion) and me this week is the power of the Spirit.  Clark Shimai and I were asked to give the District lesson on Sunday, and the topic was Faith in Christ, my absolute favorite!!:) She and I had this fabulous lesson prepared, but when we got to the front it all seemed wrong. Out of all of my notes, I said two of the teeny bullet points I had on the page. It appears the Spirit had a different lesson in mind. We began to teach, testifying about how faith promotes us through our hardest trials and lots of other stuff that neither of us can remember! I hoped it was a good lesson, but we sat down and I thought no more of it. The next day one elder seemed to have perked up considerably. That Monday night, when I was really struggling with some stuff internally, he turned to Clark shimai and me out of the blue. "Thank you for your lesson yesterday. You saved me."  He continued to express his gratitude for our lesson. It made my day and answered my own pleas with Heavenly Father. I am here for a very specific purpose and there are lives that Heavenly Father wants me to bless significantly with the Spirit. When he thanked us, I told him "Don’t thank me, thank the Spirit.  I don't even know what we taught." Miracles happen truly every day on the mission.

Something I've been thinking about a lot this week is the gift of tongues (igen no tamamono). Out of the blue, something hit me: we as missionaries are all bestowed with the power to access the gift of tongues and other gifts of the spirit. The gift of tongues is not to speak with perfect fluency or to sound smart in our respective languages, but rather it is the gift of knowing WHAT to say and WHEN to say it. What a wonderful thing. The Spirit knows our investigator's needs better than they know themselves, and that is amazing to me that THAT is how we help people come unto Christ. The Holy Ghost knows their needs and knows their hearts, and we can help testify of how Christ's Atonement covers for not just sin, but all sorrows, weaknesses, and imperfections we have.

We went to an all-girls meeting for ALLL of the shimai-tachi (sisters) going to Japan! There were a lot of the native Japanese sisters there who don't speak English, so the meeting was 100% in Japanese. And I understood ALL OF IT!! Happy day!! Ah it made me feel so much better about my efforts to improve my language skills. The Nihonjin (native Japanese) are sooo kawaii (cute)!!! I just love them, they are the sweetest!!

Anyway, this week has been amazing, I love and miss you all, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing from you!! I print out you emails and read them later so don't be afraid I don't have time to read them!!
Heian to shukufuku (peace and blessin's) Forevaa!

-Orgill Shimai

Selfie in front of the apartment door

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